We Speak To Lauren Berger About Her Second Book: Welcome to the Real World

We speak to Lauren Berger about her second book: Welcome to the Real World

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It’s an all too common feeling. You’ve just graduated, the whole world ahead of you and you finally land that sought-after job. Suddenly you enter into the professional world, wide-eyed and in awe. But then reality hits. How do you handle yourself in this world? What is the unspoken office code? How can you claw your way up the professional ladder, in a professional way? Nobody’s prepared you for this, and frankly, it’s slightly terrifying. That’s where self-proclaimed ‘Intern Queen’ Lauren Berger comes in, with her new book ‘Welcome to the Real World’, written to guide the new arrivals through the challenging but rewarding job market.

After the huge success of her Campus Best-Seller debut book, ‘All Work, No Pay‘, high-flying career and internship expert Lauren Berger, Executive Officer of InternQueen.com, has launched her second book and we can literally hear the sigh of relief from graduates and interns across the globe

‘Welcome to the Real World’ is a practical and relatable guide giving new arrivals on the job market an exclusive key to professional success, with a touch of humour and empowerment from Berger.

Whilst ‘All Work, No Pay’ dealt solely with internships, ‘Welcome to the Real World’ is all about that first, second or third job – a time where many people are aspiring to establish themselves professionally. Lauren identifies her target audience as young adults who are starting their first jobs, but also says that college and high school students will be able to enjoy the book. We don’t doubt that at all, given Lauren’s fresh, relatable yet expertly executed writing style.

'Welcome to the Real World' by Lauren BergerWe spoke to Lauren about what gave her the inspiration to write her innovative new book: “When I graduated college and started my first job, I couldn’t believe how underprepared I was. I didn’t understand why no one prepared me for the real world. This is the book that I WISH I had after graduation.” If it’s preparation that she wanted to give to young professionals, her new book does just that! ‘Welcome to the Real World’ has practical and effective pointers guiding workplace novices through a whole range of professional encounters. Lauren also encourages her readers to aim high regardless of their rank or position in their career, and guides them through all the professional encounters you could imagine, such as dealing with rejection, time management, navigating through office atmospheres and achieving a work-life balance.

A testament to professional success herself, Lauren set up internship/workplace advice website InternQueen.com when she was only 24 years old, and today she is one of the most in demand career and internship experts. We have seen her on The Today Show, Daytime, The New York Times, Huffington Post and more. If her achievements are anything to go by, we can’t wait to get our hands on our pre-ordered copy.

On top of practicality, the go-getter injects a fun sense of humour throughout the book, using her own first hand experiences of her graduate jobs to identify with her readers. This personal touch is the key to Lauren’s success; ‘Welcome to the Real World’ is based on Lauren’s understanding of how challenging the current professional world can be, and her including of her own funny experiences makes for an motivational and enjoyable read for any newbies in the job market. We can clearly see the entrepreneurial spirit of Berger being displayed through her advice! Her advice certainly isn’t to be taken lying down, she encourages her readers to be bold, take risks and understand their own value – clearly these much-needed traits led Berger herself on to the path of success!

Order her survival guide, ‘Welcome to the Real World’ here, and check out Lauren’s popular website here.

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