4 Guidelines To Buying A Gift For Your Boss

4 guidelines to buying a gift for your boss

What to give your boss for Christmas?

As if buying a gift for your boyfriend wasn’t hard enough, what about buying a gift for your boss? You really don’t want to mess that up, because, well, the repercussions are a bit more lasting than getting dumped by some jerk, because most jerks don’t pay your rent. Here’s how to shop for your superiors without breaking the bank or risking a write up.

Don’t go too cheap or too pricey.

Listen, if you get her a dollar-store figurine of an ugly child, she’s not going to be happy. (Unless your boss is me, in which case she’ll name it after her neighbor’s troll kids who need to stop screaming while I write this). But if you blow $100 on a designer paperweight, she may give you side-eye too. Stop sucking up!

Don’t give anything that touches the skin.

An old rule, but a good one. If you opt for clothes of any sort and get the wrong size, your boss may be insulted. Jewelry and perfume? Too personal. Possible exceptions are gloves, but only if they’re good quality and not (see above) super cheap or super expensive. And if you work in South Beach, don’t get the damn gloves.

Don’t give booze.

To add to the previous rule, don’t give anything that may inspire your boss to let the skin show.

Do give food, gift cards or group gifts.

You can’t go wrong with snacks, especially if they’re homemade (just be sure your boss isn’t allergic to whatever you’re baking). Not a kitchen fiend? A gift card to Starbucks, Dunkin or the cafe they hit up daily for lunch is thoughtful and practical. And if you chip in with your coworkers? Well, she can’t fire all of you, right?

By: Jessica Sager 

Jessica Sager is a contributing writer for TheGrindstone, where this article first appeared. 

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