Here Comes Taylor: Beauty Experts Share How to Achieve Eras Tour Lookbook

With Taylor Swift currently in the UK for the European leg of her iconic Eras tour, it’s no surprise that searches for ‘Taylor Swift Eras Tour’ have skyrocketed by 128% in the last quarter according to Google Searches.

Not only has she stunned audiences with her huge 3-hour long setlist, but also with her iconic looks during each of her ‘Eras’ – from Folklore to Reputation. With the three most popular albums in the UK being 1989, Red and Fearless, beauty experts at Fresha want to help Swifties get ready for their own concert transformations – drawing inspirations from these iconic albums for hair, makeup and nails. 

Taylor Swift’s hair? It’s got quite the ‘Reputation’… 

1989: Try out some soft romantic waves for an effortless look, or nod to Taylor’s simple side bangs. Opt for a larger curling iron and soft hold hairspray to keep your locks looking windblown and fresh while you are dancing away to ‘Shake It Off’. If you have longer hair, you can also pin it up discreetly to give the appearance of a faux bob to match Taylor’s look.

Red: The fringe has made a comeback in 2024, so it’s no surprise that many fans will be using Taylor’s blunt cut bangs as their hair inspiration. If you want a slightly less dramatic look, use a straighter to curl the ends of the hair outwards and inwards for some dimension or rock Taylor’s quirky Panama hat. Styling hair that will be under a hat can be tricky so make sure to add some smoothing serum throughout and then texture the ends.

Fearless: Curly hair is currently taking over TikTok with a whopping 3.4 million posts on the app, and Fearless is the perfect inspiration to go all out – with the album cover being full of cascading golden locks. Wear your hair curled and teased out at the crown for extra volume or even go for a beached wave look with some sea salt spray. To kick the golden theme up a notch, finish with touches of glitter hairspray throughout.

Speaking on the hair trends Sophie Vongkhamsao, Beauty Expert and Senior Content Specialist at Fresha commented: “Taylors hair evolution has constantly turned heads throughout the years, but each style embodies a new chapter or matches her own significant life changes. From short and straight with bangs, to long curls, Swifties get the opportunity to be bold, creative and playful when adapting her hair styles for her upcoming music shows.”

Start off with a ‘Blank Space’ for your make up look…

1989: Taylor’s makeup during this era was one of her most signature looks with red lips, winged eyeliner, and glowing skin. However, the album cover invites Swifities to make room for a little more creativity. Pastel blue takes center stage and is a subtle statement for the eyes when paired with wispy lashes or winged eyeliner. We recommend tieing it all together with a slight peach on the cheeks and lips or go bold with a touch of signature red. 

Red: Taylor’s Red Era may always feature her signature red lips, but we’d also recommend adding a striking red blush to your make-up look. Red blush would add a high contrast look that works on every skintone, or it can be blended into a softer tint that still gives you a rosy glow. The finishes also make a difference – focus on matte everything from skin to black winged eyeliner to red lipstick. Don’t forget to add red lipliner to create a fuller, longer lasting look. You can also place a tissue over your lips and dust with setting powder so that it will stay on all night. 

Fearless: Think of eternal sunshine when emulating this album in your makeup look. Golds, bronzes, and any yellow shimmers for both eyes and highlighter keep the look true to one of Taylor’s most beloved albums. We recommend applying a dewy face base, adding touches of golden rhinestones in the inner corners of your eyes for another pop of sparkle and your favourite lip-gloss, leaving you ready to shine.

“It’s interesting that something that Taylor will never give up is a classic red lip and winged eyeliner” shares Sophie. “Even as other aspects of her makeup have adapted throughout the years, she always makes a return during different eras to her signature looks even when the overall aesthetic has changed. It goes to show that even popstars have a favourite style they would wear again and again.”

Swift-ly change up your nails for Taylor…. 

1989: Keeping with the blue pastel theme of the album, avoid simply painting the whole nails pastel blue and get creative by adding designs that include clouds, little seagulls, or waves. Another creative touch would be adding pearl chrome on top of the pastel blue for a blueberry milk nail effect. With Google Searches for ‘blueberry milk nails’ up 300% in the last year, it was only a matter of time before this summer nail look made its way to Taylor’s fans.

Red: Switch up from a natural red by opting for a classic French with red details. This can be cherries, bows and hearts or even a red French mani with little sprinkles of each. Have fun with touches and pops of red for each nail even with stickers or painting the number 13 – which Taylor repeatedly references in her music.

Fearless: We recommend adding a nude shade with golden rhinestones across the nailbed to bring a slight glow if you want to emulate Taylor. If you’re wanting something a little more bold, golden chrome tips are the way to go paired with golden stars or star stickers for an added detail.

“Taylor Swift’s nails have always inspired mini trends from fans and even have been used as Easter Eggs or hints towards possible new eras.” Sophie added “Swift has also shared how she loves doing them herself which has inspired many fans to try replicating her looks at home while still adding their unique spin.”

To fulfil your Taylor fantasy ahead of your big Eras night near you, visit Fresha to book any hair, styling, nails or make up treatment.

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