Luxurious, Yet Efficient- Elevate Your Haircare with Hairstory

Here at YCB, we’re fans of a multi-functioning beauty product. Whether it’s a peachy balm that can be applied to both lips and cheeks, a mascara that brushes stray brow hairs into place, or a moisturiser containing our beloved SPF- the more uses, the better. However, when it comes to our haircare, our showers remain fully stocked with multiple products for our lengths, ends, and scalps. The concept of a shampoo/conditioner hybrid has been left for the men in our lives, those who do not care for nourished roots and glossy strands. As women, we must journey through each equally essential yet unique step to achieve our goal of silky smooth locks. Whilst we can admit an evening of masks and oils is a pamper to be enjoyed, our day-to-day routines could do with being a little, well, efficient. Introducing Hairstory, the haircare range of innovative products designed to simplify our routines, leading to less bottles in our showers and the landfill.

It’s bad news for our regular haircare brands, but great news for us (and our water bill). The time has come when we can finally cut down on our time spent in the shower. Hairstory’s ingenious product, ‘New Wash’, is made with a first-of-its-kind formula that cleans, conditions, detangles, and restores hair, all in one step. Go on, press that snooze button again- your morning hair wash can be achieved in a matter of minutes! Having said that, you can use New Wash however you like. If you feel you need a deeper clean, feel free to scrub it in and rinse it out on repeat. It has been created with clean, non-toxic ingredients so it never over cleans and prevents color from fading. What you can expect is a luxurious result, with minimal effort. 

It’s not just the time-saving convenience that ‘New Wash’ offers either. The formula cleans and conditions without the use of harsh detergents, the ingredients that make typical shampoos foam. This is not only an environmentally friendly plus for our planet, but is also a huge benefit for our hair. No detergents means that the oil is not stripped from our scalp, which in turn leads to healthy roots and stronger, shinier hair. Instead, it’s formulated with gentle ingredients – Aloe Vera, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oils. Just a few benefits of this myriad of nourishing ingredients includes extending the time between washes by restoring the natural balance of the scalp, adding volume and taming frizz, protecting hair colour, restoring natural shine, as well as reducing flakes and scalp irritation. 

The Hairstory range is not limited to their iconic wash, either. The ‘Un-Dressesed Déshabille’ gives the gift of perfectly imperfect beachy waves- the answer for fine, flat hair. Like their other products, this spray is blissfully easy to use, whether it’s on dry or wet hair, prior to air-drying or blow-drying, spray a few spritzes all over your strands and feel instant texture. Our top tip is to scoop the hair into a bun once it’s dry, and after an hour or so take it down to release beautifully wavy strands. 

Last but not least, let’s discuss the unsung hero of our beauty cabinets- we’re referring to dry shampoos, of course. There’s no denying them as the saviour of many a rushed morning and bad-hair day. On the other hand, these aerosol sprays are not only harmful to our environment but can be heavy and uncomfortable in the roots. Thankfully, Hairstory have created a dry shampoo that comes in a delicate, soft powder. Puff it onto the roots and with a little rub, not only does blend seamlessly, but provides instant lift and body to the hair. The powdery formula is weightless, comfortable, and seamlessly conceals any excess oils until your next wash day. 

In conclusion, it’s about time our haircare adapted to fit into our fast-paced world. While we certainly won’t be neglecting our weekly pamper evenings, Hairstory’s products are the perfect solution for every-day haircare that goes the extra mile- minimal time and effort required. To try out some of the innovative beauty must-haves mentioned in this article, head to

Josie Wilkins

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