The Holy Grail Beauty Products You Must Purchase Right Now

Whether you think you already have your beauty routine down to a tee, or are looking for some new products, here are our top ten holy grail beauty products that you must consider purchasing right now. 

Colour correcting SPF 

You will probably already know that wearing SPF every day is essential, as it ensures that your skin is protected from the sun and UV rays. However, the ultimate SPF face products also have colour correcting capabilities, evening out your skin tone and protecting it at the same time.  

Setting spray

Setting spray is an absolute must for every makeup bag, especially as the warm, humid months are fast approaching. This magic spray will keep your face on all day, with either a matt or sleek finish, depending on your preference. 

Radiance booster 

A radiance booster can even out your skin tone, whilst also giving you that bronzed summer glow. You can wear it under your foundation, on its own, or even mix a few drops in with your face cream or foundation itself. Iconic London has a wide range of illuminators, radiance boosters, tanning mists, and other products that can help you get a sun kissed look in no time at all. 

Face and lip mask 

Rehydrate, replump, and nourish your skin with a face mask – and don’t forget to grab a lip mask too. Whether you prefer cream, clay, or sheet masks, let your skin do the talking, and give your face some TLC. 

Brow gel  

These days, it’s all about the laminated brow. A clear or slightly tinted brow gel is all you need to slick back your brows, and rock the all-natural look, without having to break the bank on a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment. 

Hair mask

Treat your hair to a nourishing and conditioning treatment or hair mask once every week or so. This can reduce the look of split ends, smooth frizz, and generally keep your hair looking soft, bouncy, and healthy from root to tip. 

Eyeshadow palette 

We are all guilty of collecting several different eyeshadow palettes, which are impossible to transport everywhere with us. Instead, splash out a bit more on a larger eyeshadow palette with a wide range of colours, which can be used for every makeup look you could dream of. 

Mascara primer

If you love to get your eyelashes done, grab an eyelash primer for a fraction of the price. The primer goes on white, allowing you to get every eyelash, elongating the lash and adding fibres for depth. Top off with your favourite mascara and voila – the impression of falsies without the hassle. 

Liquid lipstick 

A matte liquid lip will be revolutionary to your day-to-day life. Though it goes on as a sheer liquid, it dries completely to a matte finish, and will stay on all day long. 


No beauty routine is complete without perfume. Take your time to experiment with scents, deciding whether you prefer sweet, musks, florals, or more masculine scents. 

With these beauty products in mind, you will transform your daily routine, and ensure you give yourself that extra little bit of TLC. 

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.