New Years Eve Party Prep With Current Body

New Years Eve party prep with Current Body


It’s that time of year again! With work winding down and the parties ramping up, it’s easy to get behind on your beauty regime and forget to enjoy the process of pre party pampering!

If you’re starting to feel slightly overwhelmed and think that you need to make some time for yourself, have no fear – we have found the perfect solution for any pampering problems you might face in the few days in between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve.

At YCB we love a relaxing and prepping for a big party, and let’s face it, we all know that looking glam is all about perfect prep. This is where Current Body comes into play. It’s the ideal place to find all your tools for beauty prep, leaving you sleek, smooth and ready to go.

We’ve narrowed down our favourite products, so you’ll be a pampered pooch by the time you step out the door.

Forget just your average face mask, this is New Year’s Eve, you need your skin to be glowing all night long. You may have only encountered steamers in your previous salon facials, but they are great to start your pampering afternoon, open up your pores, and get your skin ready for the rest of your creams and serums. We love the Beurer Facial Sauna (£27.00) which creates a full at-home facial experience with an extra container for herbal oils – super relaxing!

Make sure your skin always looks on point in every photo by taking your time to exfoliate. If you’re hitting up a few parties over the festive season, keep on top of your glow with the Clarisonic Mia 2 (£89.99), which is ideal for a daily cleaning fix.

If you want to go all out, we recommend investing in the PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Device (£135) for a deep cleanse that will leave you, glowing for days!

Next up is your nails: your manicure can make or break your outfit, and there is nothing worse than doing your nails and smudging them on your way to a party or event, especially when you ran out of time to get a proper gel manicure.

The perfect solution is to do your own gel manicure with the Red Carpet Manicure Professional LED Kit (£67.45), and you will never leave the house with smudges or chipped nails again.

Nothing looks better in a photo than a bright white smile, so when prepping from head to toe, why would you miss out your pearly whites?! Easier than ever, and something you can keep on top of every day, just switch to a whitening toothpaste. We love the Luster Pro Whitening Tooth Paste (£11.99), which is an absolute bargain with this three pack!

All that’s left is to slip on your party heels, and enjoy looking and feeling fabulous on your next night out!

Jordan Harris

Jordan is a current university student and has enjoyed an international upbringing across Asia and the UK. Self-confessed handbag hoarder and stationary queen, she is pursuing a career in the world of journalism.