Get Beach Body Beautiful at The Chelsea Day Spa

Get Beach Body Beautiful at The Chelsea Day Spa

The Chelsea Day Spa

We’ve increased the frequency of our workouts, avoided ice creams in the park, and now blissful days lazing on the beach are imminent. Well, we may have kind of skipped steps one and two, but for most of us it’s that time of year—summer holidays are around the corner.

And the best way to prepare for a week or two of relaxation? With an indulgent couple of hours at your favourite spa, of course. That’s why we are turning to The Chelsea Day Spa to flash beautifully manicured hands and a natural looking golden tan.

For most of us, looking like a sun goddess takes some serious effort—and just the thought of the time it takes can put us off. We visited the King’s Road Chelsea Day Spa Boutique to try out the A-list Beach Body Beautiful package. Giving you a complete summer overhaul, the package includes everything you need for your pool and shore-side lounging needs: manicure, pedicure, spray tan, bikini wax and so on—if that doesn’t make you feel ready for holidays, nothing will. It’s the perfect mix of essential and luxurious pre-beach treatments and is guaranteed to put in you in the holiday mood.

The Chelsea Day Spa on Hollywood Road

Floaty skirts and short shorts leave those long pins vulnerable for the world to see, and it comes without saying that a spray tan is a great way to get a dose of summer glow before you head into the sun. Luckily the BBB package includes the Vita Liberata spray or manual tan: odourless, organic and available in three colour options so that if you’re more of an English rose than a Brazilian glamazon, you can be sure that you won’t leave with a fluorescent orange shade. Of course, it’s essential to exfoliate beforehand so that your colour looks even and streak-free, so we’d recommend the Full Body Polish, which will boost your blood circulation by sloughing away dead skin cells.

Depilation is a necessary evil at this time of year and so waxing is a certainly sage choice. From upper lip and underarm (£10), to the bare-all Hollywood (£36), the package includes all the grooming must-haves.

Now for the most luscious part: after undergoing the dreaded bikini wax, reward yourself with a relaxing massage. Whether you’re looking to release some serious tension with the Swedish or Deep Tissue massage, or get rid of those pesky toxins and water retention with the Cellulite Detox massage, at £60 they’re all perfect summer-prep options to get you in the mood for your holidays. And while you’re at it, pamper yourself a little more with the Express Summer Facial, sure to give your skin a much needed vitality boost.

To finish everything off book yourself a gel mani-pedi to brighten up your nails (we recommend brighter rose pinks or lavender!) and a set of gorgeous lash extensions. Not only will you look on point, but you won’t have to worry about your nails chipping or having to apply mascara and falsies for your nights out. It’s a win win!

Beach Body Beautiful Chelsea Day Spa

Even if you’re not jetting off to the beach, the Beach Body Beautiful package is a luscious moment of summer indulgence, guaranteed to make you feel like a million dollars – and in the mood for sipping a chilled cocktail (or iced coffee) whilst enjoying the surroundings on a balmy summer afternoon.

The Chelsea Day Spa has just what we need to bare all and keep cool in the summer sunshine. For more information on the Beach Body Beautiful package and other treatments, visit their website.

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