The Venus Facial With Clare Peters

The Venus Facial with Clare Peters

It’s the facial that everyone is talking about. The miracle treatment that’ll transform your skin right before your very eyes. Yes, we’d heard the rumours, we’d heard the excited whispers chirping their way around Chelsea, but what actually is the infamous Venus Freeze Facial? The YCB team were determined to find out, so we booked ourselves an appointment with facialist to the stars Clare Peters at Belgravia’s Neville – all in the name of research, of course.

Clare Peters the Venus Facial

Jittery with excitement as we step inside the five story super-salon we jump at the kind offer of a coffee before the treatment. The truth is, we hope it’ll calm our nerves; after all, it’s a freeze facial. This momentarily conjures up worrying images of our faces being permanently frozen, unable to convey emotion ever again. Clare smiles, telling us it’s not an uncommon concern. She explains that, confusingly, the treatment actually uses heat.

With a magnetic pulse that’s four times faster than any other machine out there, the Venus Freeze warms away wrinkles and creases by penetrating multiple layers of skin. It’s controlled trauma, promoting natural skin healing without injuring delicate skin. The fantastic thing is that where botox targets muscle, this targets blood and tissue; it’s completely non-invasive. With Clare, you can forget about the out-dated ‘no pain no gain’ mantra.

Clare Peters

In fact if anything this is thoroughly relaxing, and for that Clare should be given due credit. Whilst other salons will use the machine and send you on your merry way, Clare adds holistic elements to the treatment, making the whole process a delightfully soothing experience rather than just a quick fix. “The heat of the Venus Freeze opens pores, so I felt like I’d be short changing people if I didn’t finish off the process”. The mastermind explains. That Clare was able to create this unique Venus Facial is a testament to her phenomenal understanding of beauty science, and her ability to tailor it specifically to each client proves her famed attention to the tiniest of details.

These qualities, acquired over 20 years, have not gone unnoticed by others in the beauty industry. Not only do celebrities like Cara and Poppy Delevigne rely on her miracle workings, but Olay snapped her up as their brand ambassador – a role that she relishes. “Beauty is evolving so quickly; there are so many things you can do without injections now”, Clare tells us. Researching and presenting with Olay’s science team allows her the opportunity and freedom to constantly search for exciting new alternatives. Having said this, Clare is adamant that she would never give up being a therapist, and for that our skin is hugely grateful! Being a single mom running her own business in the fast-paced city that is London, Olay’s ambassador works for her because it can fit around not only her three day week at Neville’s, but most importantly her family life. Clare has a young son about whom she speaks passionately, insisting that he will always come first. Always.

Back in the room Clare is brushing Vitamin C on to our skin. It has a healing, exfoliating, and brightening effect; everything you could possibly need before jetting off for a summer vacay with the girls. As Clare massages, the look on her face tells that there is great thought behind those eyes, making sure the facial is perfectly adapted for our individual skin types. She offers advice to better our daily skincare regime; she cares about our wellbeing long term, not just for the finite treatment time. (“Start thinking about anti-ageing from about 27 – prevention is better than cure!”)

As the pressure for the summer months ahead is on, the Venus Facial leaves not only our bodies, but our souls, feeling revitalised. Before we’ve even looked in the mirror we can feel the difference the Venus facial has made. Our skin feels fresh. Glowing. Re-born. Indeed, as we gently rise from the plush comfort of the massage table we imagine ourselves to be real-life Sleeping Beauties, waking renewed from a 100 year slumber.

The Venus Facial, Clare Peters

Gazing in to the mirror for the first time, we’re greeted by revitalised, bouncier and firmer-skinned versions of ourselves. Our first question is ‘how often can we do this?!’ Clare suggests once a month, particularly before special occasions, although for even longer lasting results we could have a course of 6 treatments close together.

Eventually we have to tear ourselves away from the sweet scents and flickering candlelight of Clare’s treatment room, but we smile smugly to ourselves as we swan back in to the office make up free. Our skin looks that good naturally.

To make an appointment today, you can call Neville at 020 7235 3654 or email Clare directly at

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