Business Trips And Long Working Hours? Look Glowing Getting Off The Plane!

Business Trips And Long Working Hours? Look Glowing Getting Off The Plane!

Nataliya Robinson skin therapy Here at Your Coffee Break, we love our job but being professional does nothing for our complexion. We drink plenty of caffeine, work long hours and run around the city to attend press days, client meetings, fashion shows and events. Working in a city exposes your skin to harmful pollution, whilst the long working hours and business trips often leads to lack of sleep and dehydrated skin with dark circles.

We all know the importance of a proper skin-care regime and removing make-up before we go to sleep, but really looking after your skin, visiting your facialist and finding the right products for your skin type and your lifestyle can be very hard.

In order to be clear on our skin care routine to get that flawless skin, Your Coffee Break spoke to Nataliya Robinson, a qualified skin therapist to help you achieve radiant, blemish free skin. Allow us to introduce you Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy for that flawless clear skin, perfect for the summer!

Based in Knightsbridge, Nataliya has been giving the Chelsea elite facials for a long time and for the past fifteen years she has specialised in advanced facial skincare treatments for people who want healthy skin. Aiming to minimise the signs of ageing by preventing early wrinkle formation, sun damage, pigmentation and other negative impacts on the skin’s health, we can see why Nataliya is so popular!

With her advice, you can clear your congested, tired skin to reveal your radiance, just in time for summer too! Stressing the importance of skin care, Nataliya says ‘You must look after your skin on daily basis by using high quality skin care products, not necessary expensive. Monthly professional skin treatment will help your skin, as will buying skin care products after a the skin consultation.’ Nataliya advises Blemish Balm by Dr.Schrammek for professional women. ‘Busy women usually has irritated skin as skin is effected by stress and overload from work. The ingredients in Blemish Balm consist of bisabolol which gives a soothing effect on the skin.

Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy A lot of business women have to travel abroad as part of their job. And in-flight conditions, such as air conditioning, can dry and damage the skin, and climate change can confuse your skin and your routine. ‘My best advice for those who have a long flight is try to get as much sleep as possible. If this is not possible then you can “wake up” your skin by applying ice-cubes to your face and neck vigorously for no more than 40 seconds. Drinking plenty of water will help to plump up your skin from inside out.

Even those not heading off to new destinations on a regular basis are exposed to pollution and sun damage, all of which lead to premature aging and a dull complexion. It is so important to protect your precious skin with daily sun protection and often tinted moisturisers, BB creams and even foundations have an SPF feature, so look out for these when buying your base, especially in the run up to summer. Similarly, your diet can also affect your skin. ‘Leafy green vegetables such as rocket and spinach are good for your skin so should be eaten regularly. Blueberries, grapes and citrus fruits protect your skin from radical damage such as the sun and seeds and nuts are great as they provide skin with selenium ( a powerful antioxidant), zinc ( helping to maintain collagen and heal the skin) , omega-3-6 to reduce inflammation. But you should eat nuts in moderation as they reach in omega-6 and if there is more omega -6 then omega-3 in your body this can lead to unbalance and create an inflammation response.

Nataliya does advise at least a monthly professional skin care treatment to repair and maintain your skins youth and beauty. ‘If there is no problem with your skin, for example no acne, then a monthly facial is highly recommended , this facial should include proper exfoliation of dead cells such as a skin peel or microdermabrasion, gentle extraction and other techniques that will improve the circulation of your skin on deeper levels.’  But for those who really want to treat their skin, whilst not denting their bank account or disrupting their busy schedule The European Facial by Nataliya Robinson is perfect. Nataliya explains to YCB what happens during the facial. ‘The skin treatment includes 4-6 techniques in one facial. It’s tailored to the client skin condition, skin type and lifestyle. Taking only 80 minutes, you are getting many procedures that can solve your skin problems, and you do not need to pay separately for all the techniques, so you are saving a lot of money and time.

Looking after your skin is highly important, as your face is the first impression you give to the world. A youthful, radiance glow will make you look and feel confident which will instantly improve your mood. So take the time to develop a skin-care regime that suits your lifestyle and your skin.

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