How to Use Plants to Nail the Latest Home Decor Trends

One of the best ways to spruce up your home is by adding houseplants. Not only do they bring a sense of warmth and life to a room, but they also introduce lush greenery and bright bursts of color. Houseplants also have the added benefit of acting as air purifiers, removing airborne toxins and oxygenating your home.

So, how can your houseplants help you perfect the latest decor trends? 

Plants give you limitless decor options. You will need plants, a few props, and space to create a beautiful home. So let’s get into the deets of these options.  

An Oversized Plant at the Corner

A tall oversized plant looks great when it stands alone in a corner. Ensure it’s leafy, tall, and humongous. The key to placing a plant at the corner is spreading it vertically and horizontally. It serves as a centerpiece and fills out an unused corner space in the living room or the bedroom. You can use any planter for this space. But ensure it complements the other decor items in the room, your furniture, and wall colour. You can use ceramic pots, sisals baskets, or a bar cart. A neutral-coloured planter will be great and will not overpower the plant or other items in the room.   

Grace the Entryway with a Terrarium Table

Let your plants set a welcoming mood by replacing your console table with a terrarium table with succulents and cacti by the entryway. Pretty fascinating, right? A terrarium table will wow your guests as they get into the living room. You can either DIY it or buy a terrarium table. Place an overhead grow light lamp over your terrarium table if it doesn’t receive enough sunlight. It’ll act as a tool to help your succulents or cacti grow. It will also serve as a decorative entryway light fixture. Or put strips of LED grow lights inside the terrarium table. 

Vertical Planters on the Wall

Create a tall vertical feature or hanger and use it to hang your planters. A free-standing, framed, or leaning vertical garden will look stylish when added to any space in your home. Also, vertical indoor gardens are good space savers. You get to grow as many houseplants as you wish. You only need to ensure you use containers or planters with good drainage and place your vertical garden close to a window that lets in bright sunlight. If that’s impossible, buy an LED grow light to provide enough lights for your plants. You can get a white LED or a range of colored LED grow lights. 

Wall Art

Never let your house plants look out of place or as an afterthought. An awesome way to let your plants seamlessly merge with other decor pieces in your home is mounting your plants on the wall. Wall-mounted plants will look like living wall art. You can mount your plants on a wood board and place a sheet of moss around the mounted plant. You can also opt for a wall-mounted pocket or pegboard. Ensure you choose a wall that receives sunlight. It can be direct or indirect sunlight. Alternatively, use grow lights to nurture a lush living wall. Don’t forget to water and wipe off the dust from your living wall. To maintain the natural beauty of living walls, hire a professional to keep them healthy.

Group and Contrast Plants

A cluster of plants creates a stunning centerpiece in your living room. Choose an unused location that receives direct sunlight. Ensure to place an overhead LED grow light lamp to help supplement natural light if it’s inadequate. Use plants with varying sizes, textures, colours, blooms, and patterns to make the cluster visually appealing. Your planters should work cohesively with other decor pieces and furniture in the room. You can also group them in threes to keep it simple. 

It’s a Wrap

It’s easy to decorate your home using plants. The plants here come in different shades, colours, textures, patterns, and sizes. Moreover, they’re affordable and bring the outdoors into your home. Combine your other decor items with your plant, let them shine alone in an isolated corner, or let them spice up your walls. Try not to worry about maintenance and your ability to care for your houseplants. You can start with resilient plants. 

Peter Palladino

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