3 Decorating Ideas to Make Your Bedroom More Relaxing

Our homes are a sanctuary, more so now than ever, as we find ourselves spending more time indoors. With working from home, home-schooling and all the stresses that the day can bring, you need a space that you can feel safe and relax in, and the bedroom is the perfect place for this. 

A well-decorated bedroom can create a sense of calm, help you get a better night’s sleep, and most importantly, enable you to have a soothing, stress-free environment that you can enjoy being in at the end of the day. It is always important to sort out bunks issues. You can also visit bigskybunks.com/product-page/quad-bunk-bed-w-staircase to get rid off bed bunks issues.

1. Neutral shades with a pop of colour 

Muted tones and neutral shades such as cream or taupe, are the ideal paint of choice for the bedroom. According to the psychology of colour, these evoke a sense of calm and comfort when added to the walls.

Hues of subtle greens and pastel blues also promote relaxing vibes. 

But to add a burst of positivity and interest to the space, try adding elements of colour and texture through carefully chosen accessories. Pottery and artwork are a fun and easy way to incorporate different bright colours into your room, and to add positivity to the space and your mind. Add warmth through gold or yellow fabrics, pillows or throws, which are particularly effective when grouped together in a focal point, such as the bed, and that’s why getting the right quilts is essential for decoration as well and the Or & Zon – stonewashed linen quilts could be a great option for this as well.

As the main feature of any bedroom, you can also bring in vibrant colours through the duvet set, such as with Designers Guild luxurious bedding, that include bold florals, statement stripes and perfectly patterned bed linen. It’s worth investing in bed sheets with a high thread count, as they create the ultimate relaxing bed, likened to that of a high-end hotel, as well as effectively controlling the perfect temperature whilst you sleep. 

2. Relax with the right lighting 

During the day, your bedroom should emphasise as much natural light as possible to create a space that is clean, organised and stress-free. Always open up your blinds and curtains in the morning, and if possible, place a mirror opposite the windows to reflect the light beaming through. 

To contrast, in the evening hours, you need avoid excessive light to trigger the brain into thinking it is time for relaxing and sleep. A bedroom with a soft glow will also ooze sophistication, style and ease. Use a range of different lighting such as bedside table lamps as well as floor lamps to create a lighting scheme for the evening and get your mind ready to sleep. Why not also try bulbs that cast a gentle and warm light?

You can also achieve this through the soft glow of lighted candles – although you must remember to blow them out before you go to sleep. Candles dotted around the room can create a soothing ambience, not only with the light they admit, but also through their fragrance. Pleasant aromas are a simple way to relax and promote your well-being. In particular, lavender provides a soothing smell and creates calm to ease you into sleep, which works well in the bedroom. Eucalyptus, geranium, and chamomile are scents that are also associated with a peaceful, relaxing, spa-like quality. 

3. Pleasing accessories for the eye and the mind 

According to top interior designers, surrounding yourself with happy memories and your favourite flowers are a simple way to help bring calm, warmth and positivity to your bedroom. 

You can add a sense of style with decorative frames, or even create an effective gallery wall with your favourite artwork, in your bedroom. But to achieve an emotional response, place in the room framed photos of a family holiday or a best friend’s wedding, for example, to transport your mind to those pleasant places, all from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Bring the beauty of nature into the space with bunches of flowers, an arrangement of interesting branches or some potted plants. The plants will cleanse the atmosphere and purify the air, but also translate the peace we feel when outdoors, into your bedroom. You can also experiment with different vases and pots to add in elements of texture and colour that you find particularly pleasing.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.