New Study Reveals the Top 5 star Signs Open to a Summer of Sex

Ready for a summer romance? It seems Leos are, after almost one in four admit they feel more open-minded to new summer flings at this time of year, the most of all star signs.

As winter melts away and temperatures rise, a peculiar phenomenon takes hold. It’s a time when relationships face a test more formidable than anyone could predict: the irresistible allure of summertime freedom. 

In fact, a new survey of over 2,000 Brits from sexual wellness brand Lovehoney reveals that a large number of us feel more sexually free under the summer sun, as over one in five (21%) people say they’re more keen to explore new sexual experiences at this time of year, so this is the time when toys from an adult store sell more than ever.

In light of this, Lovehoney also teamed up with Ness Cooper, Clinical Sexologist and Founder of to share some tips for staying safe and having the best sex this uncuffing season.

But which star sign is the most open to the idea of a summer of sex?

Rank Star sign % who are more open to new sexual experiences in the summer 

Over one in five Brits feel more sexually free in summer 

41% of people Lovehoney surveyed said their attitudes towards both romance and sex change depending on the season. Of these people, over one in five (21%) agreed that they feel more open to exploring new sexual experiences in summer, making this the hottest time of year for sexual freedom. On the flipside, just 5% of people said they’re more open to new sexual encounters in the winter and they even enjoy visiting sites like EhoCams to watch with their partner.

Clinical Sexologist Ness Cooper comments: “During warmer weather we can experience a rise in vitamin D, which can increase our libido and make us more receptive to sexual pleasure with a higher chance of experiencing orgasms. It’s possible that this increase could make us more likely to want to engage in more pleasure-focused sex, such as casual sex.”

17% of people also said they’re more open to romance in the summer months, with men (19%) more likely than women (15%) to explore new romantic connections when the weather warms up.

London and Brighton are the most sexually open-minded cities this summer 

Over a quarter (26%) of people in London report feeling more open to new sexual experiences in the summertime, which is more than anywhere else in the country. Brighton comes in second (24%), followed by Manchester (23%) and Newcastle (23%). 

London is also the most open when it comes to romance (20%), followed by Newcastle (19%) and Norwich (18%).

Taurus is the star sign most likely to have sex this uncuffing season 

People born under the sign of the bull are most likely to have sex this summer, with over a quarter (27%) of Taureans saying they feel more open to new sexual experiences at this time of year. They’re followed by Leos (25%) and Libras (15%). 

Meanwhile, Leos are the most open to new romantic encounters in the summertime (23%), followed by Libras (20%) and Sagittarians (18%).

Expert shares how to safely find sexual freedom this summer

In light of the research, Ness Cooper shared some advice on how to safely fulfil their sexual desires this summer.

  1. Use protection

“Take barrier methods such as condoms, making sure they aren’t stored in a place they’ll get too hot as the heat can damage the material and increase the likelihood of them splitting.”

  1. Get tested for STIs

“Remember to get tested regularly for STIs. This should be something on your to-do list throughout the year.”

  1. Set boundaries

“Talk about boundaries and consent. Use safewords if you’re unsure or just met for a casual encounter.”

  1. Tell a friend

“Let a friend know you’re meeting up with someone for sex so they can check in with you and make sure you’re safe.”

  1. Be open about what you want

“Being open about the type of sex you want can help you find sex more pleasurable. It also helps reduce the risk of experiencing bad sex, that may even be sex you really don’t enjoy and could be traumatic or triggering.”

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.