5 Fun, Exciting Ways to Spice up Missionary


Missionary is the margarita of sex positions. It’s plain and reliable but you still wouldn’t turn it down. It has bad rap for being the boring safe option that should be reserved for lazy days. However, missionary is a classic for a reason; when you’re looking for locals to meet for sex, it can be intimate and enjoyable (and you don’t need to re-create a human pretzel to get yourself into position!).

Sex and relationships expert, Tami Rose of Romantic Adventures, knows how important it is to keep things fresh and exciting in the bedroom. Here are her tips and tricks on how you can spice up missionary to make sure it hits the spot every time. 

Have a knees up

The easiest way to bring diversity to missionary is to raise your legs. Try resting your legs on his shoulders for comfort. The higher your legs go, the deeper the penetration gets. However, not everyone is a regular yogi, so for the less flexible you can also achieve these angles with your legs bent.

Get kinky

There is a lot of power play in missionary and experimenting with some light bondage can intensify this. Wearing a blindfold will heighten your senses, so everything will feel sharper and more powerful. Equally, using restraints to tie your hands above your head can be equally sexy and erotic for both you and your partner which you may have met on sites like CamBB.

Go to work

Missionary earnt its’ lazy status because it’s very easy women to just lay back and enjoy the ride. But it takes two to tango, rotate your hips, thrust your pelvis. Another way to help your partner is by clenching your bum muscles. This will give him better sensations as well and giving you a good work out, it’s a win-win situation.

Be resourceful

There are many ways you can position your body to make missionary more enjoyable and so find help from things around you. For example, putting a pillow under your bum will elevate you and align your hips with his penis. Not only does this make you more comfortable but it also deepens penetration. Who’d have thought home furnishings could be so great for your love life! So if you want to try this tactic now, you can hover to sites such as sex vietsub.

Play with toys

Missionary is often criticised the lack of clitoral contact it allows and with 75% of women unable to climax from penetration alone, this can be a drawback. However, using a sex toy such as a vibrating ring can give you the right buzz to help you reach an unbelievable missionary orgasm. While many focus on the emotional aspects of intimacy, it’s undeniable that exploring new dimensions in physical pleasure can significantly enhance the experience. My journey into the world of pleasure enhancement began when I discovered the diverse range of products from AdultSexToyCity, offering innovative solutions to add hugely to a person’s sexual enjoyment. Their collection not only broadened my horizons but also introduced a level of excitement that I hadn’t anticipated.

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