Get Ready for England’s Next Euros Match: Top Tips for an Immersive Sports Experience

This summer is truly a season for sports enthusiasts. With the Olympics, the Euros, the Tour de France, and Wimbledon all gracing our screens, it presents the perfect opportunity to gather friends and enjoy a day filled with thrilling sporting events. Adding to the excitement, England has successfully progressed to the next stage of the Euros, and their next match is set for this Saturday.

With nearly 13,000 hours of sports coverage available, deciding how best to experience it all can be overwhelming. That’s why the experts at KEF have provided valuable tips to create an immersive viewing experience in the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re cheering for your favourite team or marvelling at the athletic prowess on display, KEF’s guidance will help elevate this exceptional summer of sport. 

Key Summer Sporting Events 

DatesEventTotal Viewing Hours
14th June – 14th JulyEuros85+ hours
29th June – 21st July Tour de France105+ hours
1st July – 14th JulyWimbledon126+ hours
18th July – 21st July The Open Golf80+ hours
26th July – 11th AugustOlympics11,000+ hours
28th August – 8th September Paralympics1,500+ hours
3rd October – 20th October Women’s T20 World Cup30 + hours

Expert Tips to Improve Room Acoustics For An Immersive Sporting Experience

The acoustics of your home living space can make or break your entertainment experience. Achieving the right balance of sound absorption is crucial. Too few sound-absorbing materials can lead to unclear audio, while too many can deaden the sound, reducing the overall experience.

Reduce Reflective Surfaces

Sound waves tend to reflect off flat, smooth surfaces such as glass tables or large windows. To improve the acoustics in a room, introduce elements that can absorb sound. Adding fabric curtains, upholstered furniture, or carpet can make a substantial difference. These items help to reduce echoes and create the perfect audio environment by minimising the reflection of sound waves.

Seating and Viewing Angles

Ensure that your front left and right speakers are placed equal distance from your listening position, forming an equilateral triangle. This arrangement is crucial for achieving an optimal stereo image and sound balance, providing a more immersive and accurate listening experience.

Optimise Speaker Placement

The positioning of your speakers is important for an immersive viewing experience. Experiment with the distance between your speakers and the wall behind the speakers, ideally between 300mm and 1000mm, to enhance bass response. Ensure both speakers are equidistant from the wall.  Keep speakers away from side walls to prevent sound imbalances and enhance audio quality.

Create Unforgettable Sporting Moments at Home 

With the right setup and preparation, you can transform your home into the ultimate sports haven, making this summer’s lineup of events not just a series of broadcasts but a series of unforgettable experiences.

Create a Sporting Atmosphere

Up the excitement with themed decorations and memorabilia. Deck out your space with team colours, flags, and banners to bring that stadium vibe into your home. Get your guests involved with fun activities like quizzes and games related to the sporting events. These interactive elements can add a fun, competitive edge to your party.

Stock Up on Food and Drink

Make sure you’ve got plenty of your favourite snacks and drinks to keep everyone energised and happy. Go for a mix of quick bites, healthy options, and indulgent treats to suit all tastes. For an extra touch, try themed food and drinks. You could serve international snacks to represent the countries taking part in the events or whip up some sport-inspired cocktails.

Dress The Part

Encourage your guests to wear team colours, hats, and other apparel to show their support for their favourite teams. It’s always more exciting to cheer for your team when you’re dressed for the occasion!

Amanda Bootes

Amanda Bootes is a lifestyle blogger and freelance writer from Kent. Amanda is also a trained chef who has a penchant for good food, late nights and flamboyant cocktails, as well as finding the most unique and exciting workout classes, so she can enjoy even more food with no added guilt.