Glastonbury Recovery: Tips and Tricks for Overcoming a Glastonbury Festival Hangover and Fatigue

Glastonbury is an iconic event in the British summer calendar and is a whirlwind of music, dancing, and, a lot of the time, drinking. However, after an exhilarating weekend, many festival-goers face the challenge of recovering from hangovers and extreme fatigue. So, the wellness experts at Provacan have put together their expert advice for us on how to bounce back quickly and effectively so you can return to your routine feeling refreshed and revitalised.

1. Rehydrate, Rehydrate, Rehydrate

After days of dancing and perhaps indulging in a few pints, your body is likely dehydrated. Start rehydrating with plenty of water, and include drinks rich in electrolytes like sports drinks, Liquid IV or coconut water to replenish lost fluids and minerals. Rehydration is key to recovery; it will help flush out toxins, reduce headaches, and improve overall bodily functions.

2. Enjoy a Balanced Breakfast

A full English breakfast might be tempting but opt for a balanced meal with fruits, eggs, whole grains, and greens. Foods rich in potassium, like bananas, and vitamin C, like berries, can be particularly beneficial. Nutritious food can help your body recover faster by providing essential nutrients that support energy levels and detoxification processes.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

The festival likely disrupted your sleep schedule, so make rest a priority. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep, and take short naps if needed to help your body recover. Rest is essential for recovery. It allows your body to repair and restore itself, which is particularly important after intense activity and sleep deprivation.

4. Gentle Movement and Stretching

Engage in gentle physical activities such as stretching, yoga, or a light walk to improve circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. Gentle movement can enhance blood flow and reduce muscle tension, which helps in speeding up the recovery process, a stroll in a nearby park can do wonders.

5. Try a Cold Shower or Ice Plunge

Recreate the effects of an ice plunge with a cold shower, you can do this by gradually lowering the temperature of your shower to as cold as you can tolerate and staying under the water for 1-2 minutes. This can help reduce inflammation, boost circulation, and wake you up after a tiring weekend. Like an ice plunge, a cold shower can invigorate your senses, reduce muscle soreness, and help you feel more alert and refreshed. The sudden temperature change stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation, aiding quicker recovery. 

To ensure an even speedier recovery, you should…

1. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine -Steer clear of alcohol and caffeine, as they can dehydrate you further. Focus on hydrating beverages and herbal teas instead.

2. Use Natural Supplements – Consider taking natural supplements like magnesium or vitamin B complex to support your body’s recovery processes.

3. Stay Indoors and Rest – Avoid direct sunlight and strenuous activities. Give your body the time it needs to rest and recover fully.

4. Indulge in a Lazy Day – Take it easy the day after Glastonbury. Lounge on the sofa with a good book or catch up on your favourite TV shows.

At Provacan, their team of experts are committed to supporting your wellbeing with practical and natural solutions. These tips are designed to help you recover from the excitement of Glastonbury Festival quickly and effectively, so you can return to your daily routine feeling your best.

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.