How to Spring Clean Your Home Like a Professional

With the new normal officially in full swing, you’re probably in your house more than you used to be. Whilst this is one of the good things to change in our lives after the pandemic, the trade-off means more mess, and ultimately more cleaning, which is bad news if cleaning isn’t your favourite thing to do in the week! To help, Aster Sales have put together the following top tips on how to spring clean your home like a professional cleaner, so you can breeze through it and enjoy a clean home every day.

Tidy before cleaning

There’s nothing worse than having to vacuum around clothes or tripping over toys as you mop. Make sure to tidy up belongings before you start cleaning.  It may seem like an annoying extra step, and it may be tempting to skip, but it will speed up the whole cleaning process considerably and save you energy overall. The end product will be a decluttered and clean home, which will be worth the work!

Treat it like a workout 

Did you know? Cleaning the house burns calories and keeps you fit. Changing your mindset from cleaning being a chore to it adding an extra workout to your week may help motivate you to bring the hoover out and get cleaning!

Leave no stone unturned 

A professional cleaner cuts no corners and leaves no stones unturned. To keep your house looking spotless all week long, it’s imperative you clean under your kitchen appliances (we see you wiping around them), spray down the skirting boards, don’t forget about wiping down the walls, and for utmost convenience, consider hiring expert cleaners like the ones at domestic cleaning Chorley, ensuring your home maintains its pristine condition effortlessly.

Carpet cleaning mission Viejo will leave no speck of dirt on your carpets. Yes, initially it will take you a little bit longer to cover everything, but once you get into the flow of a routine, you’ll find yourself flying around the house just like a pro. Certain parts of your home, however, would require special tools or skills to get them cleaned. For instance, your air ducts can be hard to clean so it would be best to contact an air duct cleaning service. Make sure to get expert services from the best air duct cleaning orange county.

Clean in sections 

Don’t know where to start? Split the house into sections and do it on different days if you need to. A professional cleaner always has a routine and will work through the house methodically, not jumping around between tasks. Not only is this more efficient space and time wise, it’ll also help you to remember what you’ve done and what you have yet to do. Stay motivated by completing one room at a time – be spurred on by one spotless room after another. 

Plug in the music

Getting a rhythm and getting into the flow when you’re cleaning is really important. A great way to do this is to listen to a great music playlist. Not only will you enjoy yourself more as you clean, but it will keep you working at a solid rate so you can get around the house in the time you have allocated yourself to clean. Afterall, a professional cleaner has a strict schedule – they won’t spend all day cleaning your house, and neither should you. 

Get equipped 

If you’re trying to clean your home with the wrong equipment, you may be working harder than you need to be, or not doing as good a job as you could. To get your house squeaky clean and work efficiently, make sure you invest in a good vacuum with powerful suction and multiple attachments and a good mop, as well as wet and dry cloths and a feather duster. Want to go the extra mile? Greenbay dumpster rental is always a worthwhile investment.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.