5 Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Buying CBD for Your Dog

We know CBD works for adults, and it’s safe for kids. But what about dogs?

For most of us, our furry companion is as important to us as our blood family members. We don’t want to ever give them anything that could be unsafe, but we want to provide the best care we possibly can to those who depend on us. You can look at here now to learn about the best dog training programs which will help in installing the foundation of obedience in your dog.

CBD is a new buzzword in holistic wellness and medical care for canines. How safe and effective is it? As long as you are keeping these 5 things in mind when you buy CBD for your dog, rest assured that your pup will be fine—and possibly even better than that!

1. Make Sure the Product is Legit.

Cannabis and CBD, particularly mentioned in their website, is a multi-billion dollar, booming industry. As it grows, there are lots of reputable manufacturers producing good-quality products. And there are those who want their cut of the pie without doing the work.

One surefire way to see if a product is legitimate is to check the Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is supposed to be on the label and it shows how much THC is in the bottle. Humans can have less than .3%; dogs should have zero.

The COA should also show the results of three main lab tests: the microbial test, heavy metals test, and pesticides test. Ideally, none of these should have shown up in lab testing of the product.

If you can’t find these on the label or the manufacturer’s website, skip the product and get CBD for pets from a more reputable brand.

2. Start Slow.

As with anything new you’d give your dog, you want to start with small doses and monitor how they respond. It’s always best to start giving your pup low doses gradually to allow them time to get used to the new product.

There are a few side effects that are common with canines and CBD oil, and being aware of them helps you decide if you want to continue, increase the dose, or stop entirely.

3. Watch for Side Effects.

Typically, dogs experience side effects that you can handle easily, including dry mouth. Make sure your pup has all the fresh water access they need in case of a decrease in saliva production. They may also be lethargic, as CBD is known to make humans and animals relax. This is fine, and you can adjust the dose if they’re too sleepy.

Dogs can also have lowered blood pressure temporarily. If this happens, your pup may appear lightheaded, confused, and dizzy. Decrease the dose next time you give them their CBD. 

Diarrhea is also a side effect to anything new, whether it’s food or a vitamin or supplement. This should go away within a few days of their body adjusting to the CBD. Giving them their dose at mealtime can help.

4. Avoid Hemp Oil.

While it’s not dangerous, products that are solely hemp oil also aren’t beneficial. They don’t have enough CBD in them to help your pup with their problem.

However, if the label says “hemp seed oil” along with a preferred dosage of CBD, that’s fine. Again, hemp oil won’t hurt your furry friend, but you want to be giving them their best shot at a better quality of life. You need CBD along with the hemp oil for that to occur.

5. Stick With Broad-Spectrum.

When it comes to CBD, you’ll see a lot of options. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum are two of the most common. For your pup, broad-spectrum is the way to go.

With broad-spectrum, you know the product has CBD, as well as other terpenes and cannabinoids that can benefit your dog. Other products, like CBD isolates, only have CBD.

Your broad-spectrum product should have a dosage around 2mg/kg of your pup’s weight. Check with your vet before giving anything new to your dog.

Krysta Jakson

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