First for UK Retail as Interflora Launches Complete ‘V-Commerce’ Service

Global flower delivery company, Interflora, has become the first UK retail brand to launch a complete end-to-end ‘V-commerce’ service, with just one simple voice-based transaction now making it possible to send flowers via Alexa and check out with Amazon Pay, all without lifting a finger!

With the voice-commerce market predicted to sky-rocket in the next three years, the launch comes at a time of exponential growth with market predictions estimating that the industry will be worth over $40 billion in 2022 for the UK and US markets, up from about $2 billion currently. If correct, this growth would outstrip e-commerce and m-commerce growth over the same period.

In light of these advancements in voice-commerce, retail bin stores are also seeing a surge in popularity due to their unique shopping experiences and unbeatable deals. For instance, customers can now easily locate liquidation stores near me using voice-assisted searches, simplifying the process of finding great deals on discounted goods. This aligns with the growing consumer preference for convenience and quick access to products. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, the integration of voice-commerce across various retail formats, including liquidation stores, is poised to drive significant growth and transform the way consumers shop, making the entire process more intuitive and efficient.

Arriving just in time for Christmas, shoppers can now state their preferences on colours and types of flowers, and for those in need of inspiration, Interflora’s voice assistant will play ‘personal shopper’ and recommend flowers based on the occasion or season.

There is also the option to include a personal message, which will be hand-delivered with the chosen bouquet by one of Interflora’s network of local artisan florists across the UK and Ireland. And in the week of the last minute Christmas gift dash, shoppers will be glad to know that orders placed before 12pm on 23rd December will still arrive in time for Christmas. 

While other voice-commerce services allow for ‘adding to basket’ with voice command, Interflora is the first brand in the UK retail and gifting sector to enable shoppers to complete the entire ordering and payment journey through Amazon Alexa alone – all without any assistance required from supporting apps or websites.

The lead up to Christmas is surely a busy time with so much to organise and remember, and so the convenience of using Alexa to surprise someone special with flowers will indeed give shoppers a helping hand, with options for same day, next day or any future day delivery available.

Interflora’s Amazon Alexa Skill launched on Thursday 12th December. Saying “Alexa, open Interflora” launches the skill, with Interflora’s voice assistant guiding customers through the purchase process. Find out how to enable the skill and more at:

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