Guilt-Free Snacking On the Go!

Everyone has that stash of snacks tucked away in their nearest desk drawer in the office for when the urge to snack hits. The hardest part? Making sure those treats will not ruin your diet while you are mindlessly munching!

While you can try your best to just indulge in one piece of candy, we all know that is not always where it ends. Making healthier snack options available at the office or on-the-go without having to do too much prep is also not always easily done. However, for those busy professionals who do not have time to create specialised healthy snacks in advance, there are an increasing number of options for tasty treats that are good for you, and available in the exact right serving size!

If you particularly love something sweet to keep you going during long workdays, Sweet Virtues has created a new healthy chocolate option that not only fulfill cravings, but also has superfoods incorporated to give you a boost when you need it most: Halo Thins Pouches. These guilt-free snacks not only taste good, they look good too! And when something is packaged so beautifully, it’s always good news!

While snacking on their decadent new chocolate thins, you can feel like you are doing something good for your body and be guilt-free for having a treat! Each package contains chocolate thins that are made of 67% pure dark, fair-trade organic chocolate. Even better, these are created in a perfect snack size that ensure that you will not overindulge.

These sweet chocolate thins are available in both Revive, a mix of White Tea & Peppermint, and Balance, which has Himalayan Pink Salt. They are both sweetened using only coconut blossom nectar and flavoured with their respective ingredients that each have the potential to have a positive effect on the body. Who couldn’t use a little something extra to keep them feeling energized and fulfilled throughout the day?

The Revive option includes white tea, which is often used to detox and purify the body. When combined with peppermint oils, which refresh the palate and help aid digestion, you have a perfect afternoon snack that is both delicious and good for you. It is also a nice option for when you want something that is a bit more exciting than a basic chocolate bar. Your coworkers will be envious of such a seemingly indulgent treat!

The Balance option contains Himalayan pink salt, which has 84 trace minerals and elements found in the human body, but has less sodium than traditional table salt. That means you get all of the flavour without the side effects too much sodium can have on the body, including water retention and dehydration. Himalayan pink salt is extremely well known for its ability to improve mood, sleep, and even libido, and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The chocolate alchemists at Sweet Virtues work to create healthy treat options that are organic, vegan friendly, dairy free, gluten free, nut free and guilt free! Knowing that these are produced by hand in the UK, you can be sure that they know every ingredient that goes into every product – and the ones that don’t make the cut, such as cane or refined sugars, artificial flavourings, colours and additives. Not many companies take as much care with their products, and you can feel good knowing that your treats are not only good, but also good for you.

When you are sitting in the office thinking about how to relieve your sweet tooth, you can enjoy the delectable taste offered by Sweet Virtues chocolates. They work to give your body select nutrition benefits that keep energy levels high throughout the afternoon slump and evening commute home!

These sweets are not just fitting for the office, either. They are also great to stash in your bag for when you are on the go and need an extra boost, or for long car trips when snacks reign supreme. No matter the occasion, Sweet Virtues Halo Thins Pouches are sure to be a favourite snack. Shop them at in bundles of 5 for £7.50, or a pack of 2 for £3.50.

Amanda Robbins

Amanda Robbins is a blogger for her own site Fashionably Clearance. She has a background in PR and communications, working for a global health nonprofit by day. Amanda adores the perfect blush manicure, long weekends away and getting an unbelievable deal.