The Best Ways To Make A Good Cup Of Coffee…Or Two


It’s said that behind every successful woman there is a substantial amount of coffee. At least that’s what we really believe over here at YCB Magazine. So how are you getting your daily caffeine fix? We’d love to know!

There are many different ways you can make a great cup of coffee, and as a result do take a read through this list from Gear Hungry for some of the greatest and creative ways you can make a cup of coffee. This list will range from the simplest ways you can make a cup of coffee to the most complicated.

1. French Press

Funny enough the French Press has absolutely nothing to do with France, what’s known as the French Press in America was created by an Italian man, Attillio Calimani, in the late 20’s. The reason it is called “The French Press” is because this is back when “French” was used for everything from fried potatoes to fried toast for some unknown reason than actually originating from France. To make French Press firstly, you will need to measure the coffee beans. Next, you will need to grind the coffee beans, you can do this by using a coarsest setting in a burr grinder. Next, boil the water then cool for 1 minute. Finally, you will need to add the water to the French Press, you will then be ready to serve up the coffee once it is at a suitable temperature.

2. Filtered Coffee

Also known as Pour-over coffee, for this method you will be using medium fine grind. To make Filtered Coffee you will need to have some filter paper and use it as a cone. You will then need insert the cone into the coffee, next you will need to pour your coffee through the filter paper cone into your mug. What this will do is remove oils called terpenes that are commonly found in non-filtered coffee. The benefits of drinking filtered coffee is that it will protect you against illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer and promoting a healthy heart.

3. Coffee Maker

By far the simplest way to make a good cup of coffee. All you have to do when using a coffee machine is to insert a coffee pod of a specific flavour that you would like. Finally, just press start and you can sit back and watch your coffee being made right before your very eyes. In some cases, you can add cream or milk with an extra pod, or in drinks such as Espresso, Hot Chocolate and cappuccino.

4. Percolated

A coffee percolator is a type of pot used to brew coffee continually cycling the boiling or nearly boiling brew through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached. Percolating your coffee isn’t great when it comes to using good coffee but it is wonderful when you are trying to get a strong cup of coffee. With percolated coffee it is a much richer tasting coffee with a much bolder feel to it. If this is how you would like your coffee please try it and invest into a percolator.

Jack Carter

Jack is an English student and freelance blogger, putting his love for writing to use. Jack loves coffee and sport.