Fitness Junkies: Listen Up! Duvets Designed for a Re-energised Sleep

Fitness junkies: Listen up! Duvets designed for a re-energised sleep

Snuggledown Rest & Rejuvenate Duvet

For years, our parents, friends, partners, personal trainers, heck even our grandparents, have been constantly reminding us that there is so much more to being ‘healthy’ than further burning ourselves out in that overpriced and oversubscribed gym we force ourselves to love after a hard day’s work, and subsequently fail to do at every cost. And yes, buying into new food trends (you know, kale, smoothie bowls, super-food salads) also constitutes to being ‘healthy’ too but what does incorporating all of that in to our lifestyles really do for us working women, long term, if we don’t prioritise our rest too?

Have you noticed, even when you cut back on fat and sweets intake, and up your cardiovascular exercise a few days a week, you still feel burned out, can’t drop those extra pounds, and don’t have the energy to greet each day with enthusiasm?

Well, research shows that all mammals need sleep, and that sleep regulates mood, which is, of course, crucially related to our learning and memory function and abilities. So needless to say, not only will catching your zzzs help you perform better in the workplace, conquer that endless to-do list, learn a new skill or help you stay on one task, but it’s also a critical factor in your health, weight and energy levels.

Here at Your Coffee Break we really understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Luckily for us millennials and fitness junkies alike, Norwegian & British heritage premium bedding company, Snuggledown now encourage us to not only sleep smarter but more efficiently too. The team has combined recent technologies and the very, very best of British research, development and workmanship in to sports recovery, with their launch of ‘Rest and Rejuvenate’ – the new, innovative pillow and duvet collection designed specifically to optimise sleep for us active people.

Snuggledown UK

Snuggledown Rest & Rejuvenate Duvet detail

‘Rest and Rejuvenate’ has been developed using advanced Dacron® Hollowfill® fibres, which work on the same principle as high tech sportswear. The bedding regulates your temperature by carrying heat and moisture away from the body, preventing overheating and keeping you intensely comfortable and supportive. The result of this is a light, yet warm luxurious duvet that ensures maximum recuperation for the perfect mind and body balance.


A great night’s sleep is crucial to the recovery of your body after regular workouts and ultimately put you in a good mood. Neil McMillan, sales and marketing director at Snuggledown, said: “For the active person, your resting metabolic rate will be higher than average, which means that your body is continuously burning off energy even whilst you sleep.

“With exercise being a focal point of many people’s lives, we wanted to design a product that really makes a difference to those who are active and want their lifestyle to continue, even once they have gone to bed.” 

Available in John Lewis stores nationwide with prices starting from just £55, you would be shocked to find an equally luxurious and technologically driven range for such an affordable price anywhere else. Snuggledown’s luxurious quality is noted in the fact that it’s the only British manufacturer who sorts feather and down on site, which enables a greater control over the quality of the material which goes into the pillows and duvets and of course, into your home and life for as long as a decade, when maintained correctly.

Are you willing to invest in your body, mind, soul and future or rejuvenating sleeps? We’re in!

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