Have You Got a Butterfly Brain?

Have you got a butterfly brain?

Have you got a butterfly brain?

Are you one of those people who always have their head down in their smart phone or on their computer? With all the latest apps and fun websites running rampant nowadays, it’s easy to get lost checking emails, scanning Facebook, scrolling Instagram and perusing through Twitter. We’re always flitting from one distraction to the next. It’s no surprise then that our mind struggles to keep up as we continuously expect ourselves to stay up-to-date on a million things.

Did you know that our short term memory can only process three to four bits of information at any time and when we overload it with too much information; our capacity to process it all begins to fail? So whilst we are all spinning too many plates at once and trying to keep up with them all, we do need to take a moment out every now and again so we can realise when we are juggling too much. After all our brains need time to relax in order to sift through and store information, so give your mind a break by taking a moment out.

Neil Shah of the Stress Management Society has some great tips on how to stay on top of your juggling act while not letting everything drop:

(1) Wake Up and Breathe

It might sound second-nature, but deep breathing works wonders on relaxing your mind and creating a sense of calm.

(2) Take a 5 Minute Holiday

Try visualising your favourite holiday destination using all of your senses. For some, it may be the idea of lying on a quiet beach with the sand between your toes and the sun on your skin, the waves crashing…

(3) Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Tensing and then releasing all the muscles in your body repeatedly allows you to feel the relaxation growing each time you release.

(4) Do Something You Love Everyday

Whether it is taking the dog for a walk, cuddling with a loved one, reading, gardening, or having a bubble bath, aim to do one thing you cherish each day for least 15 minutes.

(5) Have Some Alone Time

Who doesn’t need a little ‘me time’ every once in a while? Turn off the gadgets and enjoy the silence.

(6) Listen to Music

Getting lost in your favourite album is a great way to detach from the frantic outside world for a bit.

(7) Switch Everything Off an Hour Before Bed

Research shows that using technology before bed is very disturbing to the brain and affects the quality of sleep. Switch off your technology one hour before bedtime and let your brain wind down.

(8) End the Day with Meditation

Try spending one minute in complete silence and clear your mind. Let the negative thoughts leave your mind while you focus on the positive present.

Taylor Acosta

Taylor is a graduate of Hofstra University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and a minor in psychology. She has performed research, media outreach, and helped build public awareness for nonprofit organizations such as Power Against Violence and Abuse and Mental Health Association of Nassau County. When she's not busy working, you can find Taylor either at the gym training as a competitive powerlifter or writing for her own personal lifestyle blog, Live, Love, Laugh, Lift.