The Kris & Caitlyn Jenner Inspired Interior Style Guide

The Kris & Caitlyn Jenner inspired interior style guide

It is no surprise that the Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, has an eye for everything monochrome when it comes to home interior, which she has passed down to her Kardashian/ Jenner clan. With the help of interior Designer, Jeff Andrew Designs, the Kardashian household and also a main setting for the reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a mixture of mirror finishes, monochrome patterns and textiles as well as modern design and architecture.

Whilst the Kardashian household in Hidden Hills California is modern with clean interior designs, the new Caitlyn Jenner household in Malibu has taken on quite a rustic charm with natural finishing’s and touches of ocean blue throughout. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Caitlyn gushed over her new home, stating that it was the first time that a house was all hers and she got to design and furnish it herself. With only 5 other houses on the private road leading up to the house, it is the perfect home for Caitlyn as she goes through her own personal journey.

Room 4 Interiors takes a look at the Kardashian & Jenner homes and how you can obtain the look for less:

1. Kris’s Mirror Touch

Kris Jenner mirrored furniture

Kris is a big fan of mirrored furniture as well as mirrors themselves. In almost every room of her Californian home there are elements of mirror present in different designs and concepts. From her all mirror beauty parlour to her mirrored bathroom, this is a trend that is a must when looking to find inspiration in the Kardashian interior style. A great way to incorporate this mirrored look into your home is through the bedroom and bathroom with these mirrored side cabinets pictured below. Topped with some white tulips, your favourite perfume and some essential beauty products, this is a very chic look for your interior.

Kris Jenner's mirrored furniture

2. The Kardashian High Roller

The Kardashian bar area

A staple furniture piece in the Kardashian Bar is their grand high-back chair. Although not a feature item, the chair adds an understated elegance to the room as well as a creative touch. It makes for a great alternative to a painting, covering blank walls and creating extra comfort. One great piece in our furniture collection that we are loving at the moment is the white high back chair with dark wood detailed legs, pictured below. This chair is a great piece for summer, keeping your room light and elegant yet still adding that chic Kardashian touch where needed. Topped with some pastel or soft floral patterned cushions this is in keeping with the Spring / Summer interior trends for 2015. This high-back chair would be a great fit with the mirrored chest featured above.

The Kardashian high roller

3. Kourtney’s Blanket Box

Kourtney Kardashian's blanket box

The blanket box is a great feature to any room. Not only does it provide a great storage tool, but it can also be utilized as a décor piece in your bedroom or lounge. This provocatively decorated bedroom is another Jeff Andrew creation from Kourtney Kardashians Calabasas home.  Here at Your Coffee Break we love the dark elements of the room being broken up by the light blanket box and duvet set. The Portobello Blanket Box with a white finish is an easy and affordable way to achieve this inspired look on a budget.

The Portobello Blanket Box

4. The Kardashian Seating

The Kardashian Seating Area

Turning back to the stylish inspirations of Kris Jenner, these wonderful chairs are a great feature to any sitting room. Allowing for comfort with style, placing a side table and décor piece in between two chairs, as pictured above, is a great way to turn this seating area into a special feature in the room. A great item in the Room 4 Interiors catalogue is this chair and footstool in white. With wood detailing this chair is also a great fit for vintage styled rooms with ornate décor pieces.

Kardashian inspired decor

5. Kris Getting Down To Business

Anyone who watches Keeping Up With The Kardashians religiously will have come to know the Kardashian study. The place where you will find Kris Jenner working, this study is filled picture frames of her Kardashian/ Jenner brood, monochrome stylistic elements, flowers, packed book shelves and an Apple computer. Kris loves pattern and this is not shied away from in her study. The rug is intricate with a maze like pattern whilst her guest seating embraces a geometric design. Her desk is also rather unique, with mixed materials it brings a nice creative element to her work space. One way to bring in the Kardashian style into your own work space, is with this gloss finished geometric designed desk. With two shelves, the desk allows a bit more storage space than Kris’s desk, which is the perfect touch for those who work from home. With a fresh vase of flowers, some personal pictures and geometric styled furniture, your study will be the perfect fit for the Kardashian household.

Office inspiration Kris Jenner

6. The Kimye Dining Room Chair

Kimye dining area

In recent months, Kimye have been getting recognition as one of the most stylish couples in ‘celebville’. With designer friends in every second Instagram shot, we cannot talk about the Kardashian style without getting some interior inspiration from the new Kimye household. Having just bought their new house, big enough to fit in their growing brood, the new Kimye household has everything a stylish couple could want. Including amazing dining room chairs. An affordable alternative to these chic white chairs is the Hamilton Ivory Roll Back dining room chair pictured below. With an easy wipe-able surface – it is a great choice for those couples with young children.

Hamilton Ivory Roll Back

7. Caitlyn’s Veranda Chairs

Caitlyn Jenner interior design

In quite a vast opposition to the Kardashian style, Caitlyn embraces a laid back interior design with rustic woven outdoor furniture overlooking the vast Malibu hills and seaboard. A great way to get this look for those warm summer days lazing outside is the woven chair pictured below. Topped with a light blue patterned cushion, you can also keep on trend for the Spring / Summer 15 pastel trend.

Woven veranda chairs

For more style inspirations, make sure to keep tuned to Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner’s new eight part, one hour episode documentary series, I am Cait. For many Kardashian & Jenner inspired furniture designs, inspirations and options head to the Room 4 Interiors website.

By: Danielle Bedin