Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gifts For Your Man

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gifts For Your Man

Valentine's Day gift guide for your man

The festive season is well and truly over. You can finally take a sigh of relief as you cheerily clear away the shreds of wrapping paper that got hidden under a chair and happily munch the very last chocolate coin, safe in the knowledge that not for a whole year will you have to experience the crippling pressure of picking perfect presents for your loved ones. This is the calm after the storm. The sun has risen on a new year. Bask in it.

…except, that is, if you’re in a relationship. You’re exempt from basking. You need to find a Valentines Day gift.

Luckily around this time of year we humbly like to think of ourselves as Your Coffee Break & Cupid, so we’ve curated a selection of gifts for various personality types. Whether your man’s a hopeless romantic, a country gentleman, a homebody or a chef (lucky you!) we’ve got it covered so that you can go back to basking. You’re welcome.

Online store Lucky Den holds a special place in our heart thanks to its diligently hand-picked, hand-crafted luxury home wares. Founder Felicia Marquie has a wealth of experience in home accessories, from merchandising and display to designing and selling, that in 2013 she decided to employ to make her dream of owning her own store become reality. Always on the look out for items that are timeless in design and functional in every day use, Felicia believes that the objects we use in our lives have stories. So, use this Valentines Day to buy a gift that will start a new life story with your partner; a life story that you’ll fondly think of each time you see the item sitting out; a story that will continue for generations as the gift gets passed down as an heirloom.

The hopeless romantic

There is, apparently, no greater gift than the gift of time. Most online stores don’t sell time, but what Lucky Den has are gifts that are not only charming in themselves, but will more importantly advocate spending a bit more precious time as a couple. As Felicia points out, these items ‘could be the reason you want to throw candle light dinner parties for two…nightly’. Having bought him a Professional Wine Reference, make the most of his new knowledge with a decanter, a bottle stopper, an ice bucket, and a Travessa platter (because you’ll need an appetizer or two to soak up all that wine). The hopeless romantic is often so romantic that he wants the memories of the romance to continue long after the wining and dining has ceased, so a photo frame for his desk will go down well too.

1. Leather Professional Wine Reference, $76, 2. Princess Collection Captain Decanter, $274.95, 3. Princess Collection Bottle Stopper, $60.95, 4. Travern Crystal Ice Bucket, $190.99,  5. Travessa Platter with Silver Edge, $280, 6. Linear 5 X 7 Frame, $49  

The country gentleman

If his first love is the great outdoors, remind him that you are just as worthy of his love as his hiking boots are by presenting him with nature-inspired home wares like a horse print cashmere pillow, an antler-handled tray, a squirrel nut dish and a zebra platter. For those days when the frost outside is just too biting, he’ll enjoy relaxing with a scotch book and his Taverna large decanter and Italian pewter and glass decanters.

The Country Gentleman

1. Horse Cashmere Pillow, $450, 2. Antler Handled Birch Tray, $198, 3. Squirrel Nut Dish, $48, 4. Kiva Platter, Zebra Jasper, $280 5. The Scotch Book, $99, 6. Taverna Large Decanter, $204.75       

The homebody

If your man loves nothing more than returning after a long day to his wonderful woman and his cosy abode (in that order, for sure), be the one to make his house a home this Valentines Day. Take your pick from a cotton throw, a cashmere cushion, a leather desk dictionary, melting wax votives, hand-polished coasters or a bear bottle opener.

1. Duke Gray Cotton Throw, $480, 2. Aranea Cashmere Pillow, $550, 3. Crocodile Embossed Leather Desk Dictionary, $174, 4. Melting Wax Votive, $280, 5. Pedra Coasters (set of 4), $68, 6. Bear Bottle Opener, $32      

The chef

We’ve already expressed our jealousy if your man is a kitchen god, so make sure he continues to feed you with feasts this year by buying him gifts that’ll make him enjoy cooking even more. (These are in no way selfish gifts on your part…) For the food he’ll need a teakwood bowl, rosewood utensils, a pig candy dish, a cheese board, a pewter and glass divided dish and semi-precious spreaders, while for drinks he’ll want a Gentlemans Guide to Cocktails and a wine bottle opener.

1. Teakwood Shallow Bowl, $92, 2. Light Rosewood Serving Utensils, $42, 3. Pig Candy Dish, $39, 4. Pearled Small Cheese Board, $120, 5. Fusio Spreaders (set of 2) silver, $84, 6. The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails, $72, 7. Princess Collection Wine Bottle Opener, $88.95

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