The 15 Athleisure Staples to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe Right Away

$358.08 billion is the latest estimated value of the global athleisure market, which is expected to continue growing over the following six years.

With the interest in athleisure wear continuing to grow, we were intrigued to discover the current most popular athleisure items for the ultimate summer wardrobe and so we teamed up with the experts at AN-Y1 to look into this further.

15 athleisure staples to add to your summer wardrobe

RankAthleisure Style ItemAverage Global Monthly Search Volumes
2Sweat Pants341,000
4Tennis Skirt77,900
5Sports Shorts77,500
6Sports Jacket47,000
7Oversized Jacket33,000
9Sports Sneakers7,100
10Sports Hoodies6,900
11Sports Crop Top4,400
12Sports Sweatshirt4,000
13Sporty Hats1,750
14Convertible Bags1,730
15Sports Tote Bag1,300

The first athleisure item coming out on top are leggings, with a whopping 387,200 average monthly searches. A staple item in athleisure wear, leggings can be worn not only for workouts, but also as a part of an everyday outfit, proven by Kendall Jenner, who often likes to dress up her leggings to create a chic, yet comfortable look. Because there are leggings made out of a variety of fabrics, they’re suitable for every season, but for the summer, you’d want a pair made out of breathable materials.

The second item that should be in your summer wardrobe are sweat pants, which have generated 341,000 average monthly searches. Great for days when you’re just going for a short walk, a run, or you just feel like wearing something comfortable. Spotted even on Sarah Jessica Parker, they are the perfect addition to your summer athleisure outfit, when you’re looking for chic comfort.

With 275,100 average monthly searches,tracksuits come third. Tracksuits are having their moment now, often a go-to choice for Rihanna, they help achieve a more casual and comfortable overall look. Throughout the summer, they are ideal for assembling an easy outfit and getting quickly out the door.

In fourth place is the tennis skirt, accumulating 77,900 average monthly searches. The tennis skirt has certainly had a comeback this year. Recently seen on the likes of Zendaya, it has become a statement for your summer wardrobe, which paired with sneakers would create the perfect summer athleisure look.

And rounding off the top five, with 77,500 global monthly searches, are sports shorts. Favoured by Hailey Bieber, sports shorts are an ideal clothing item for summer, which can be used for more casual outfits. To ensure your shorts keep you as cool as possible, go for a pair made out of breathable materials, as such fabrics are perfect for keeping the body cool during hot weather.

The founders at AN-Y1 comment on the popularity of the athleisure fashion trend:

“The athleisure fashion trend has been gaining more and more popularity in the past few years, as people have been prioritising comfort in their everyday clothes. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that sports jackets, tracksuits and oversized jackets are so often sought after, having turned into absolute athleisure staples.

“One of the best things about this particular fashion trend is that it provides the opportunity to both dress down or dress up your outfit. So for instance, leggings can be easily styled to achieve a more dressy look, while oversized jackets can help achieve a more casual look.

“Sports jackets and oversized jackets are also ideal for a chilly summer evening. They could be paired with everything from dresses, to shorts, to skirts to create that ideal summer athleisure look. Perfect combination of comfort and style!”

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.