Ah, the Luxury of Being Organised! Edit Your Closet with ZIITO

As teenagers, many of us were obsessed with Cher. Not the warbling 80s singer, but the tartan skirt-wearing, fluffy pencil-waving one from the iconic movie Clueless. The highlight of the film for many was watching as Cher pushed the button on her electronic, rotating wardrobe every morning. She would carefully browse her extensive collection of classic 90s outfits and casually put together the perfect outfit in seconds, thanks to her strategically organised closet.

Whilst some of us still pray that we can afford such a device one day, the rest of us are more realistic. Just having some sort of order when it comes to clothing would be a game-changer, don’t you agree? Luckily, ZIITO are on hand to help you with all your closet conundrums and even have expert guides available on their website to help you through the process.

They say when it comes to decluttering that it always gets worse before it gets better, so set aside a day or two to get stuck into the mess. ZIITO advise taking everything you own out of your wardrobe so that you can see what you’re working with. Recycle any unworn items and separate everything else into seasons, then pack away anything that isn’t current and store in boxes.

These shelves are perfect for stacking large boxes of clothes, underwear and accessories that don’t fit anywhere else. The shelves are sturdy too, so there’s no worry of overfilling the boxes with all of your unworn summer clothes.

You can then organise your in-season clothing. How you arrange it is up to you, but ZIITO suggest either by occasion, colour or frequency.

We personally think putting your most worn clothing in one section is a good idea and then work back from there.

We also recommend rearranging your system every few months to remind yourself of items that you may have forgotten about!

The great thing about ZIITO freestanding clothes rails is that they are beautiful enough to be displayed outside of existing wardrobes, giving you essential double the amount of closet space as well as a convenient way to get access to your most worn clothes. You can even choose to triple your rail space with this tall Double Clothes Rail.

Whether you put your clothes rail in your bedroom or in a separate dressing room, you should plan to use the space wisely.

What kind of clothes do you reach for regularly? Do you wear suits to work? Are you more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal? Maybe you like to wear day dresses with tights and boots. Whatever your most common outfit is, plan your system around that.

You might want to go for the clothes rail with wooden shelves on the top and bottom, then you can lay out your most-worn shoes below and your favourite handbags above. You could even have a box filled with accessories such as scarves and hats, and rotate this depending on what colours are in season.

There are also clothes rails made with wheels, which means you can move things around easily from room to room if you need to store the majority of your clothing in a separate room. This is perfect if you’re still living at home or maybe sharing a closet with friends in a small apartment. These narrow versions are also a great solution for hall cupboards. You can neatly arrange all your bulky coats and jackets and simply wheel them out to get access to what you need every day. Then, store it in the cupboard until you need access again.

If you’re really struggling for space, consider a wooden shelf with clothing rail. It takes up zero floor space and gives you a shelf to store boxes on and a short rail for hangers. Pop this in your bedroom and use it to plan outfit options for the next few days.

Don’t forget, there are three different colour options and each piece is expertly made with a mixture of steel and Nordic pine. You can even pick up some matching steel coat hangers so make sure everything looks coordinated.


Fiona Reid

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