Buy Your Festival Jewellery Here

Buy your festival jewellery here

Festival style has been gaining popularity over the past few years, with everything from denim shorts and fringe vests to flower headbands and suede making a major comeback. When it comes to accessorising, light layering pieces with Native American-inspired symbolism is perfect for pairing with your flawlessly planned festival outfit. The look that everyone goes for is stylish yet comfortable and laid-back, and you certainly won’t feel weighed down by your jewelry with simple yet gorgeous pieces from the Essentia Collection by Love Lily Rose.

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The brand was founded just five years ago, but has already left a lasting impact with a lovely jewelry collection full of keepsakes. There are plenty of luxury pieces, with specialty handcrafted sterling silver and gold plated jewellery. The inspirational meanings behind every piece adds to the unique significance of each. Every original is formed using a silver clay, then is cast in sterling silver and hand-finished, ensuring every piece is completely unique.

Essentia Collection

The Oriana Necklace heads the Essentia range, as it’s a stunning option that is completely interchangeable to suit anyone’s personal style needs. Whether you love silver or gold, you can shop this piece in your favourite tone. The different layers are fully customisable, layering various short and long necklaces over one another. The Oriana Necklace is certainly an investment piece, as you can change it depending on how you’re feeling and what you’re wearing.

If you want to keep things simple, the necklaces work so well individually as well as layered. Selecting your favourite will be your hardest choice! The options are vast in what you can accessorise with – whether you love the nature vibes of the feather or sun, or the pretty dreamcatcher. They all go so well with a bohemian look for your next music festival, or just the next look that you want to give a fresh, relaxed update to with a layered necklace.

There are also other whimsical pieces that will make a nice addition to your jewelry collection. The Dreamcatcher Bracelet is a dainty piece that will pair well with other bangles you already own. If you love the arm party look, shop the Dreamcatcher Bracelet Stack for a preset collection of sterling silver bracelets featuring Swarovski crystals and boho-luxe charms.

Dreamcatcher Bracelet

If you’re on the fence with bohemian pieces, the Arrow pieces may be just what you’re searching for. The simple Arrow Stud Earrings are perfect to wear every day, and have different finish options in sterling silver, vermeil gold and vermeil rose gold. Whatever your hue, the Essentia collection has you covered. Finish the set with the Arrow Ring and Arrow Necklace.

The Totem bracelets are beautiful, mixed with semi-precious stones and specially selected symbolic charms. The stones were all selected especially for their spiritual properties, which add a unique meaning to every option.

Essentia Collection

A nice simple choice is the Two Tone Thunderbird Bracelet, which has one string of gemstones and a single statement charm in rose gold. If you enjoy more of a statement, the Kindred bracelet is a gorgeous choice that celebrates friendship and unity with four individually stacked bracelets.

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