Hot On Our Radar: Scarlet Fever

Hot on our radar: Scarlet Fever

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The award season is in full swing and red carpet events are everywhere, whether it’s an exciting new film premiere, a gala or some pre-fashion week fun! Everyone is out looking their absolute best and gorgeous evening gowns are no longer a thing that we daydream about whilst nestled in blankets and surrounded by cookies.

This season, we’ve already gone and Pretty Woman’d ourselves (by which I mean shopping excessively, in the hope that an early Richard Gere lookalike will pop into our lives and feed us champagne and strawberries), and let me tell you, there’s some major ‘scarlet fever’ hitting the YCB offices. Sugarbabes once said they were cooler than the red dress, but I beg to differ. Nobody is cooler than the red dress. Not even Madonna (yes, I just went there).

Here are our favourite hotter-than-fire dresses, along with a healthy dose of commentary:

The Bryna gown from Dynasty London - 1012803 Bryna, £439

Want to make an entrance? The Bryna gown from Dynasty London is the one for you. With its romantic yet no-nonsense frou-frou skirt and perfectly moulded bodice, this will have you looking ready to take anything on all evening.

Warning: Side effects may include jaws dropping, ‘but..but..bu” sounds from jealous people in the vicinity, and friends trying to butter you up in the hope that you may help them achieve such greatness.

Lissa from Dynasty London - 1012806 Lissa, £329

The Lissa from Dynasty London, which I personally would have called the Cleopatra, is the kind of dress I’ve always imagined an emperess would wear. Elegant, detailed, and classic, this dress is for the powerhouses amongst you. If you want to launch a thousand ships, wear this dress. Even if you don’t want to launch a thousand ships, wear this dress. Just wear this dress. - Angelina Dress in Red -£110

I may be wrong, but this is the kind of dress that I would imagine an Angelina Jolie-esque goddess wearing, with her hair oh-so-casually falling to the side with a couple of gorgeous stone (diamond) embezzled earrings. Figure hugging, simple, and powerful, it is for the humbly elegant, the quietly confident, and the sleekly coiffed women out there (I know you exist!).

Dynasty London - 1012804 Isadora, £419

Dynasty have done it again! Isadora (I know what you’re thinking: why wasn’t I called Isadora?) is for the bold, brave, and feline among you. It is alluring, it is sexy, and it is strong. This is what Beyoncé was talking about when she told you to get on that Freakum dress.

The Harper Pencil dress from Little Black Dress is cheeky, flirty, and feminine. It is the Scarlett Johansson of this year’s scarlet fever. I think you know what that means. When you wear this dress, something magic happens. It’s the equivalent of Lindsay Lohan’s incomprehensibly lucky streak at the beginning of Just My Luck. You are the girl with the promotion, with the applause, with the bright ideas (well, let’s be honest.You were pretty bright to start with…)

Va va voom! Does anyone really know what that means? The Aiko maxi dress is its equivalent, in dress form.The one shoulder isn’t easy to pull off, but this dress gives you every necessary tool to do just that. The frilly shoulder, the smooth skirt, and slender (but not clingy) lines are just perfect if you want to feel good, look good, and be the ultimate ray of sunshine all evening.

Rashina Gajjar

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