Mountain and Winter Style? We’ve Got You Covered!

Mountain and winter style? We’ve got you covered!

MUSTO womenswear range

We’ve all heard Love Unlimited’s happy-go-lucky tune ‘It may be winter outside, but in my heart it’s spring’, but while winter is certainly raging outside, I’m afraid you may need a bit more than a smile to get through this one. Thankfully, MUSTO’s womenswear range have already thought of how to keep you warm, toasty, and (most importantly) goddess-like all winter! Their clothes will not only keep your heart evergreen (which, let’s face it, we all need), but they will also keep your knees, toes, and just about everything else feeling like a tropical cabana. Their clothes are hot. In every possible sense of the word.

Musto womenswear


Being a personal advocate of winter chic (I sometimes wear my gorgeous virgin wool cape WAY beyond the Autumn/Winter season and am rewarded by feeling like a polar ice cap minus the white fluffy bears), I have taken great joy in selecting a few of their most beautiful, comfy creations.

Be warned: these pieces will have you feeling like a Fin in a sauna within 5 minutes or less, and may attract serious green eyed monster vibes from anyone you happen to walk past, in their freezing and jaded winter coats (but don’t gloat! Remember that with great power comes great responsibility!).


A Jacket? To wear in the yard? Nay, dear friend. This is a town and country jacket- the perfect mix between the outdoorsy, I-have-horses-and-permanently-windswept-hair look and a city girl who just wants nothing more than a head-to-toe snuggle palace. Technically speaking, it’s oiled cotton as well, so the rain will bounce right off you, probably landing on unfortunate passers-by. The coat is also a lovely, long cut that will protect your knees against those nasty winter winds, and essentially wrap you up in what I like to think of as a walking, waterproof, duvet cocoon.


The ridgeline down jacket (or, as I like to call it, the uber sexy adventurer jacket) is perfect for those of you who just can’t keep still, yet don’t want to freeze in the process of being active and sociable divas. It is padded with ‘500 fill power duck down’, which I have taken to mean that it is as warm as if five hundred ducks had suddenly decided to huddle into your jacket. It’s water repellent AND Lycra cuffed, so your duck-induced heat won’t be escaping anywhere, or dampened by the rain. This jacket is for those who want to look effortless and be effortless, all whilst huddled into the comfiest, coziest little jacket imaginable.


This one is for the hardcore sports and adventure addicts. I can’t say I’ve ever been hardcore, but if I were, this is most certainly what I’d wear. Not only is it fully waterproof and breathable, but both the sleeves and hood are adjustable, making the jacket fit you like a beautifully crafted glove. You’ll be able to move freely and look awesome, whilst feeling like you have a baby polar bear snuggled inside your jacket, nuzzling you in encouragement (and who doesn’t want a polar bear in their jacket!).

This post was written in association with MUSTO!

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