Personal Styling of the New Age

Personal styling of the new age

Create Curate Styling, a London-based Consultancy, is set to revolutionise the way women get dressed! We at YCB were lucky enough to speak with founder and stylist Joanna O…  

Create Curate Styling

While recent years have seen an increase in the demand for personal shoppers, these customer-centric services are unfortunately often preserve of department stores only, arranged by appointment by high-end retailers, and entail the a-list feed you’d expect.

Create Curate Styling was founded in London by published fashion columnist and luxury retain connoisseur Joanna O, and isn’t a personal shopping service. In fact, it would be a mistake to limit it to just high spending on pretty dresses. Rather, it is synonymous with a modern way of delivering tailored image solutions to every client on every budget.

What Does it Offer?

Create Curate Styling

The team at Create Curate Styling offer a wide spectrum of services, from wardrobe curation to help professional women create a signature look and navigate the complexities of every day dressing for work, without forgetting the building of comprehensible style files to facilitate ones understanding for colours, cuts and fabrics, through flexible personal shopping trips that aren’t store-specific.

How Does it Work?

Create Curate Styling London

In an age where clever algorithms can instantly work out your next shopping list, Create Curate Styling’s approach is tapping into the experiential by engaging with their clients directly and offering individually designed styling consultations that provide directional advice, tailored to their needs and aspirations.

The website presents us with the opportunity of learning about the services while it encourages a conversation to nurture a relationship offline. Consultations happen face-to-face, a stage founder Joanna O refers to as ‘the Philosophy Match’. She adds, “Offering a casual conversation to get the know the client is essential for establishing whether my philosophy will resonate with them.” 

Who is it for?

Create Curate Styling

Joanna’s resume is impressive to say the least. She has been developing her designer packages for several years, gaining experience amid the elite clientele of the world’s most prestigious department store, Harrods, and began by offering her services to a client base in the UK and overseas.

“Create Curate Styling was a way of continuing to foster my client relationships while also offering a well-crafted synergy between exceptional and professional style solutions, to wider audience that perhaps isn’t aware of the accessibility of such a service.”  She tells us.

Create Curate Styling’s packages aim to meet our expectations and are constructed under the philosophy of its founder; – that “Style is intrinsically connected to who we are, it is something you see but it has to also be something you feel.”  In a crowded market place and ever-changing high street offering, it can be difficult to find the perfect item for a dinner party, networking event, let alone reinvent an entire wardrobe to suit the dynamic of your every day.

Create Curate Styling

And because, saying that the modern shopper is busy is an understatement, the servicing is expanding into the digital realm with a ‘Ask a Stylist’ feature, a live chat platform that aims to connect first-time customers with a Stylist in real time and ‘On demand Styling’ currently being integrated on Twitter and Instagram. So you can easily communicate directly with a stylist through your smartphone or tablet.

For more information visit or contact Joanna directly via email at  or phone (+44) 07470446113

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