7 Style Lessons from The Mindy Project

7 style lessons from The Mindy Project

Style lessons from The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project is now in full swing in its fourth season on Hulu and even though Mindy became a mom this season, her style has only gotten better. Here are a few fashion lessons we can always take from The Mindy Project.

1. Don’t be afraid of combining patters

Mindy certainly isn’t! She is always putting together polka dots and stripes or florals and plaids and totally pulls it off.

2. Go big or go home (with jewelry)

Mindy is all about the statement necklaces and the statement earrings. May as well rock a lot of rocks.

7 style lessons from The Mindy Project

3. Matchy Matchy is OK

Some people say too much matching is bad but that is not how Mindy looks at it. She will match her handbag to her dress or coat all the time.

4. Mellow yellow

Some people find yellow to be difficult colour to pull off but Mindy is a huge fan.

5. Mad for plaid

Plaid is huge this year but Mindy has been wearing it since Day 1. Plaid is a classic, not a trend

6. Coats make the outfit

There are almost no episodes where Mindy doesn’t wear an absolutely fabulous coat. This is why the show’s costume designer, Salvador Perez has started his own coat line with Gilt.com. Perez tells PeopleStyle, “The Mindy Project fans have been asking for these custom designs for years, and now they have the opportunity to purchase the coats I designed for Mindy. They are in bright colours with my signature button details and will add a bold statement to your wardrobe.”

7. Always have cute pajamas

Just because you are going to bed doesn’t mean you can’t look super cute. Mindy usually has on a gorgeous pair of pajamas, mostly from Bedhead.

8. Sequins totally work for daytime

You can wear sequins during the day if it isn’t overwhelming. Just keep it to either your top or your bottom. Though for a holiday party, feel free to break that rule.

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