First Look: The H&M X Balmain Collection is Finally Here!

First Look: The H&M X Balmain Collection is Finally Here!

The BALMAIN X H&M Collection is finally here

It’s finally here, the Balmain X H&M collection hits H&M stores on 5th November and it feels like we’ve waited an age to see it. The anticipation has been palpable thanks to the ‘Balmain Army’ aka Olivier Rousteings’s gaggle of beauties made up of model of the moment Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn and of course the Hadids.

Execellent marketing on the side of Rousteing, he told Vogue this week that he wants to see wearer’s Instgram offerings “H&M really understands how important social media is to me. We created the new hashtag, #H&MBalmaination, to stand for this new H&M Balmain world,” he told us, ahead of the launch on November 5. “I’m already checking the hashtag all the time. I’m the boss of this hashtag and I can’t wait to see people taking selfies of what they’ve bought from the collection.”

Balmain X H&M 2015

Balmain X H&M Collection November 5th

Oh how we want to tag you in our Balmain finery, Olivier!

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