The Benefits Of A Bespoke Wardrobe For Women In Business

The benefits of a bespoke wardrobe for women in business

Zsozsó Couture London

It’s been said that if you buy any garment off the peg (or off the rack), then you know it requires tailoring. This is because the manufacturer produces clothing to fit the masses – the largest number of people it possibly can so that it can make the most money.

But, as an ambitious businesswoman, when you wake up in the morning and decide what to wear, do you say to yourself, “Hmm, this average outfit will go perfectly with my mediocre goals”?

No?  Right, we didn’t think so.

You’re a woman with a cutting edge and a unique set of skills that should be packaged as such. What you wear is basically a walking advertisement of your professionalism and the special abilities you bring to the boardroom table.

Zsozsó CoutureThat’s why made-to-measure clothing and investing in tailoring your current staple work-wardrobe pieces is something to consider. Don’t you love getting the compliment that you’re looking sharp? That’s because the outfit accentuates your particular body type best and subsequently shows off that sharp cutting edge, that secret weapon you hold, when it comes to colleague competition.

Susanna Bognar, owner of UK-based alterations and dressmaking studio Zsozsó Couture London, has made fitting women like a glove her mission. Her small alterations and dressmaking studio started in the charming small town of Senta has grown significantly over the past 20 years, taking her to Kent in the UK and eventually to the heart of London. Her clients are made up of high-profile personalities, celebrities and designers nationally and internationally.

Susanna Bognar Zsozsó CoutureGetting a garment from Susanna Bognar is a guarantee you’ll have go-to work wear pieces that perfectly fit your shape, style and personality. Just look at her gallery.

I know what you’re thinking. How can I afford specially made clothing for everyday work wear?  Well, Susanna makes a great point.

“Anyone can afford bespoke clothing. We all know how spending more on quality is more economic in the long term, than buying cheaper clothing at a higher quantity,” Susanna said.

And, remember, your work wardrobe goes beyond the blouses, dresses, trousers and blazers you wear often. In addition, cocktail dresses, evening gowns and other fancy-dress occasions related to your office functions are a Zsozsó Couture specialty, too.

Award shows and other red carpet events are staple parts of Susanna’s business, having custom made and altered pieces for such famous clients as Rihanna, Frances Ruffelle (Tony-award-winning actress and singer), Sharonda Flynn from Silk and Honey and many more high-profile, upper-class and celebrity customers.

Rihanna British Fashion Awards

Susanna remembers one of the most touching memories with a big-name client:

“It was very heartwarming when a dear client Avigail Collins of styling powerhouse Silver Spoon Attire introduced me to Rihanna.  I was asked to spend the whole day with them to prepare for the British Fashion Awards in 2014 as the best person in town from whom they know to do the alterations,” she says. “I got a lovely big hug from Rihanna as a ‘thank you.’  That was a very special moment.”

Cheers to that.  What a rewarding business?  And, while we’re clinking glasses, we couldn’t help but ask Susanna how she takes her coffee.

She says, “I like it with plenty of milk and very far from my working area!  Although, I haven’t spilt it on a garment before, I am sure it could happen any time.  I did spill it on my own clothes though, many times, but that’s ok!  I just re-altered it quickly, and done.”

To set up an appointment at Zsozsó Couture London, you can contact them directly and keep up with the studio’s latest work on Facebook.

Megan Broussard

Megan Broussard is a storyteller from New York City. She credits her talent for balancing big hand gestures and a glass of red on her Cajun roots. When she isn’t covering women in career/business, fashion, lifestyle and culture, she’s playing with her pup – the inspiration for her doggy daycare business.