Accessorize Like You Belong In Your City!

Accessorize like you belong in your city!


Isn’t it great being a city girl? The coffees, the heels, the hustle and bustle.. running around in such a chaotic environment does lead to some unfortunate mishaps though. Whether we are dashing to catch the underground, running to Starbucks or heading to our next meeting our hair always manages to get ruined. Which is why, it is a saving grace to have met with Michelle of Lyla&Bo. Not only is the brand’s latest hat collection edgy and unique but it’s also moderately priced. Their aim has always been to create something which is the epitome of quality and that is why their items aren’t mass produced. With Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr’s style in mind it really is no surprise that we have fallen in love with such elegant pieces. Speaking to Michelle, we found out that Miranda Kerr is their style icon, being minimalist yet exceptionally put together. “Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller look effortlessly stunning in a hat too”. What would be their go-to city outfit?

“I’m all about teaming comfort and fashion in the city. I love minimalism, clean whites and statement accessories. A perfect city outfit in my eyes consists of a classic fedora, a casual jean, a white tee and great pair of flats.” Michelle told Your Coffee Break.

Not only do they give top fashion advice, the ethos behind the brand is insightful too. “Style, quality and affordability.” Michelle insists that they are only happy when all three of these core principles are achieved. We all know that hats add an extra something to any outfit and what a great way to nod Rosie Hunnington-Whitely, she is the queen of them after all. Being a city girl can be tricky enough and with the like of Olivia Palermo roaming the streets it’s no wonder we want to incorporate the same ideals. A hat isn’t only perfect when paired with a great jean but what about with a cropped trouser pant and blazer? That would take corporate fashion to a whole new level and add your own twist to the ‘office day look’.

Lyla&Bo aren’t only known for their fedoras though, they are style queens when it comes to all things accessorising, the cuff is one of their favourite items.

Lyla&Bo“Our ear cuff is actually a very versatile piece. It can go from a statement accessory or a piece which creates a little bit of effortless fashion to an otherwise casual look. Our ear cuff goes from day to night easily & I’ve seen it work perfectly with both the little black dress or the casual boyfriend jean and flats. Our bar necklace is just the perfect little bit of gold every girl needs to complete their outfit. It’s so delicate & works perfectly with a little dress or romper” said Michelle.

With Christmas on its way and the party season approaching, we began probing Michelle on the staple items every city girl should have in her wardrobe.

“A city girl, without fail needs a great pair of jeans. It doesn’t matter what style they are as long as they are comfortable and flattering for your shape. It’s not easy but once you find them they become an absolute essential piece of your wardrobe. ‘ Michelle told us. ‘A girl also needs a great bag. If you are anything like me, I carry my whole life and entire makeup case within mine. A great oversized leather tote that is essentially a bottomless pit, is an absolute must for a city girl. Lastly, I would have to say (of course) the perfect hat. Whatever your style, a hat is a must for that effortless fashion forward look, not to mention those awful bad hair day”. 

The brand has come a long way since 2013 with a broad market in both Australia and North America already their fashion forward pieces are one step away from conquering the globe. Their ‘City for Lovers’ is the latest endeavour and with their great minds, Lyla&Bo is expected to go far. When asked their top advice?

“I have recently found myself answering this question a lot. My advice is to just go for it! I think a lot of people worry about taking a chance or straying too far from the norm. If you love something regardless of what it is, your passion for it will ultimately create your success”.  

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