The Designer Resale Online Store You Want To Bookmark

The designer resale online store you want to bookmark

‘If I had all the money in the world, I’d be the best-dressed person alive’ – it’s a common fantasy. We have a wealth of fashion knowledge, but it’s hard to express your inner style guru on a budget.

Desperate for an affordable Chanel handbag, we know the solution is selling that vintage Louis Vuitton scarf and believe us when we say, we’ve tried it all. But with all these meetings, summer work events and soirees to attend to, where does a girl find the time to eBay her precious items? And how can we trust the person that we’re buying from? All too many times we’ve bought a supposed ‘used but in perfect condition’ item and been sorely disappointed. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a website that could be an eBay for affordable fashion, who sold our designer pieces for us and ensured that the quality of what we were buying was up to standard?

Covetique Chanel bagWhen you’re setting up your own business it’s imperative to look your smartest on the job but keep an eye on your accounts – there’s no fashion without thrift for us budding entrepreneurs! A website like Covetique, selling only the most luxurious pre-owned pieces is our answer to all our eBay woes. Hermes handbags, Stella McCartney shoes and Prada purses, you name it, here is a destination where you can browse all the items you’ve been lusting over and not be exposed to the eye-watering prices.

Tailored to both professional and social spheres at a price that suits our lifestyle, we need not to worry about the pragmatic and indulgent angels on our shoulders anymore. Here at Your Coffee Break, we’ve had our eye on Michael Kors Leather Braided Grommet Shoulder Bag (perfect for the summer months!) for quite some time, and at £145, this is indulgence that leaves us feeling significantly less guilty than usual! For our client meetings, we always want to appear stylish yet classy, and this smart yet stylish DVF pinstripe dress (affordable at only £100!) is looking like a winner for both our wardrobe and our wallet.

Fashion on a budget is a necessary but often risky process. Buying pre-owned items often times comes with the promise of good condition – but who can risk hopping out of the taxi for a networking event only to discover a hole in the leg of your tailored trousers? Wardrobe malfunctions are not something that we want to fit into our schedule.

Covetique understand this common worry and the team ensure only the best quality control. There is a rigorous hand-check of every item put up for sale, and an authentication process to avoid any fakes sneaking into our collection.


Covetique’s founder and owner, Nicola McClafferty, calls her brand the ‘anti-Ebay experience’, and if that means finding the perfect designer dress, at the perfect price and in perfect condition (sans the stressful bidding war), we can raise a glass to that!

These vibrant Hermes silk tailored trousers, both on-trend and perfect for work, are a YCB favourite, and knowing that they’ll be of only the best quality, we think we just might grab them before somebody else does.

Covetique Prada BagRe-selling may not initially sound glamorous, but the idea of splurging on a gorgeous dress for a night out with the girls or maybe a date in Mayfair, having our hey-day in it and then trading it in for a classic clutch bag fits in perfectly with our big city lifestyle. If you’re clever in business, it helps to be smart and savvy in fashion. Why not sell last season’s Herve Leger dress and instead invest in a Vivienne Westwood patent clutch? Or trade in your Balenciaga handbag for a Prada classic? Whether you’re in PR or finance, we know that you know how to negotiate and bargain, and why not extend that to your fashion collections?

Leading a professional life, it’s essential to have pieces that can translate from the work environment to a night out on the town. Covetique is dedicated to the busy woman, ensuring that their pieces are fashionable yet practical. Nicola describes the Covetique woman; ‘She is strong, smart and stylish. The Covetique woman has totally embraced what we call Smart Fashion – she might splash out on a great designer dress or bag but she knows that after she has had her fabulous night in them she can sell them on and use that money for her next purchase!’.

Fashion and business are never mutually exclusive, so why not be savvy in both? If your career plan and to-do list is organized to perfection, you may as well have an impeccable wardrobe to match. Whether you’re at the top of the professional ladder or scrimping and saving to get your start-up off the ground, there is no shame in being thrifty with your fashion.

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Zahra Wynne

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