Workplace Wellbeing a Priority as UK Employees are Burnt Out

24% of workers have felt unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace

Workplace wellbeing shouldn’t be seen as a bonus, but a fundamental part of the working environment. In its 2024 report, Mental Health UK have stated that the UK is fast becoming a “burnt-out nation” as the charity found that almost one in four workers (24%) felt ‘unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace’, and one in five (20%) needed to take time off work.

From team morale, to supporting mental wellbeing, encouraging productivity, talent retention and building business reputation; there are many positives to ensuring workplace wellbeing needs are met and employers have a level of responsibility to consider the physical, mental, and emotional health of their employees.

In time for World Wellbeing Week (24th – 30th June), Ed Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of leading online mentoring platform, PushFar, has shared his tips with YCB, for supporting positive workplace wellbeing.

Work-life Balance

In the modern workplace, with hybrid and remote working structures, it can be easier to promote work-life balance, as employees can work flexibly and spend more time at home. However, it can sometimes lead to working late, picking up the laptop on weekends or isolation from other team members.

To ensure your flexible working strategy is promoting wellbeing, it’s important to help your employees set boundaries and encourage them to switch off from work outside of working hours. Consideration needs to be given to home working set ups, ensuring when your team are away from the office, they have all the equipment and access they need to be productive.

Job Security & Recognition

Job security is a huge part of promoting workplace wellbeing, helping to avoid anxiety and stress as it was revealed 40% of people said that concerns around job security and fear of redundancy contribute to burnout.  Employers need to implement honest communication strategies whereby employees are reassured, especially in an economy which has resulted in redundancies across many industries. This could relate to top level finances and market position of the company, along with sharing company targets and growth strategies.

Communication around job security goes hand in hand with the need to show recognition across the team. Whether it’s employee shout outs, a place to share good news and achievements, or ensuring regular one-to-ones are in place to discuss employee performance.

Employee Relations

It is estimated that we spend approximately 1/3 of our lives in the workplace, therefore it’s hugely important to have positive workplace relationships with colleagues as this can have influence on feelings towards a job. Teambuilding and social activities outside of the office is a great way to form and strengthen the relationships among employees and boost morale.

Employers should arrange times to actively enable this growth, remembering to include remote workers and integrate those who may be geographically unable to make it to the office. Doing so will help build an organic support network amongst the team.


Mentors can be hugely helpful for increasing workplace wellbeing, helping to minimise stress and anxiety by providing a comfortable and safe space to share thoughts and feelings related to work. Not only can they provide valuable guidance and advice, but also support in finding resolutions for any workplace issues, with a focus on positive wellbeing.

Mentoring is also a great way to increase knowledge across an organisation, and the implementation of a mentoring program can actively encourage increased communication and upskilling. This can be from a senior to a junior team member, or even through reverse mentoring where senior, experienced employees, hear from junior members. This can be hugely beneficial for workplace satisfaction.

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