London Ranked Best in Europe to Kickstart Your Creative Career

London boasts the most top rated Universities and Schools for Arts offering a valuable education experience

London ranks as Europe’s best city for pursuing a creative career in 2024.

From the Royal College of Art to Brunel University, London offers an abundance of attractive education opportunities to kickstart a career within the creative sector. 

Interested in revealing the best cities to kickstart your creative career, Adobe Express, analysed factors such as universities and schools specialising in art & design, music and performing arts, as well as the number of art galleries, museums and theatres in each city, to reveal the best cities in Europe to kickstart a creative career. 

The Top 10 European Cities For A Career In The Creative Sector 

RankCityCountryTop Universities and Schools for ArtsNumber of Art GalleriesNumber of MuseumsNumber of TheatresFinal Score (/10)
1LondonUnited Kingdom82771872568.80
7GlasgowUnited Kingdom24072196.57

Ranking as Europe’s best city for creatives, according to the findings, London boasts a final creativity score of 8.80 out of 10.

Not only is London home to the Royal College of Art, the number one art school in the world, but the UK capital also boasts eight top ranking universities and schools specialising in Arts.

As well as being home to many top ranking universities (8), budding creatives can also gain inspiration from an abundance of art galleries (277) and theatres (256) located in the UK capital.

Berlin, Germany, ranks in second position with a final score of 8.40 out of 10. The German capital is rich in culture, home to 278 art galleries and 245 museums that inspire creativity among budding artists, as well as being home to three top ranking universities and schools specialising in arts. 

Renowned as one of the cultural centres of Europe, Milan, Italy, ranks in third place with a final score of 8.12 out of 10. 

Home to five top ranking universities and schools specialising in Arts, Milan is rich with culture, offering a variety of museums (233) and art galleries (107). The perfect environment  to gain inspiration during your studies.

Comparatively, ranking as the least optionable city for those wanting to pursue a creative career in Europe is Dundee, Scotland. Despite being Scotland’s fourth-largest city, it scores a total score of 1.07 out of 10 –  home to just five art galleries and seven theatres. 

Adobe Express share their top tips for budding creatives to find the right city for them: “It’s no surprise that Europe is a dream destination for many creatives, whether you’re keen to gain inspiration from the rich history, vibrant art movements or explore world class education opportunities.” 

“With so many European cities offering exciting opportunities for pursuing a career in the creative sector, it’s important to bear in mind factors such as the cost of living, tuition fees, language barriers and education opportunities.” 

“Despite cities such as London ranking as the best cities for budding creatives, it’s also important to note that London is one of the most expensive cities in Europe but is also home to a world class art scene and prestigious education prospects. The perfect city to launch your career if you can afford to do so.”

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