Top 5 Tips to Prepare For Your First Day as a Care Assistant

Many people who begin work as care assistants will already have some experience in care work to help them. This will either be because they have conducted voluntary work in a care setting or worked as a carer for someone in their family. However, professional care assistance work is a step up in many regards even if the things you will be doing are similar. This is because, as a professional, there are often higher expectations that will come to the fore. 

So long as you continue to think about what you are doing, operate in a cooperative and professional manner and don’t rush things, you will be fine. A few nerves on your first day in a nursing home or working in the field supporting independent living in clients’ homes are only natural and will soon settle down. So, what should you be doing to prepare for your first day?

Clear Your Diary For a Bit

Care work is physical work. Unlike an office job, you may be surprised at how tired you feel at the end of the day. The learning curve in the first few weeks of a care assisting job is steep, too. This means you will need to rest to be at your best for the next day’s work. Don’t worry though, because as you learn more and gain more confidence in what you are doing, it becomes easier and more of a routine. For the first week or so in the job, however, having a busy social life is going to make it harder for you to reflect on what you’ve learned at work and to think about what you can do differently going forwards. No one is saying your social life needs to be put on hold, though. Just be prepared for a busy time at work in the first few weeks.

Train in First Aid

Getting some first aid training may be mandatory depending on your role. However, it is something that all care assistants should know about and feel confident in. Administering first aid is often a requirement as a care assistant because you could easily be the first person on the scene following an accident. Being trained will help you to remain calm in any emergency situations you may face.

Read Care Plans

The people you will be caring for should have up-to-date care plans. When you work as a care assistant, the fundamentals of the job mean sticking to the care plan and delivering what it says should be delivered. You can miss things or do things that aren’t part of the plan if you haven’t read the care plan for the individual concerned. According to Anglian Care, a care provider based in Essex, forward-thinking care firms now update care plans electronically so care workers can read the latest versions at any time, even when they’re out and about.

Think About Your Future

Alright, so usually, people will say not to get ahead of yourself, especially when you haven’t even started your first day yet. But really, what’s the harm of thinking ahead? If this role is right for you, and over time, you feel like this is something that you want to do in your career (while moving up), then think about it! But would you want five years from now? 

How about a decade? Do you see yourself starting up your own care home and filling it up with lovely care home furniture for your patients? Do you see yourself making sweet gestures like getting your patients gifts for their birthday or Christmas? There’s no shame in thinking ahead because this is going to give you an idea of what you’ll want for your future. 

Speak Up For Yourself

When you are new and everyone around you seems to know what they’re doing, it can be intimidating. However, care workers at all levels must be good communicators. This means being able to explain what you are doing to the people you are giving care to, of course. It also means being able to speak up when you think something might not be quite right. Never be afraid to voice your concerns if you have any. Good working environments will encourage frontline staff to speak up, to review care plans and to take appropriate action if it is deemed to be necessary.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.