5 Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re new to packaging and want it to be perfect, here are a few mistakes to avoid when designing one.

Even though packaging your product may seem like an easy step, many underestimate its importance and make some mistakes that lead to loss of customers.

Packaging is important to keep customers focused on what the brand is about and what it does best; whether it’s a food product or some cosmetic product, they all need good packaging for promotions.

If you’re new to the market and have recently started your bakery line, here are a few packaging flaws to avoid coming up with truly successful packaging with packaging companies. You can view more information here!

Mistake #1: Ignoring The KISS

If you’re unaware of what kiss means in the packaging and design industry, it is an English acronym representing the design mantra. KISS stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

KISS is the key to successful and attractive packaging; don’t confuse it with minimalistic design; it just means to add information about your products, in this case, bakery items, in a way that it doesn’t confuse the person and makes it difficult to understand what the product is exactly.

The packaging should be direct and simple but innovative; adding too much information will cause you to lose potential customers.

Mistake #2: Focusing Too Much On the Aesthetics

Yes, beauty plays a role, but it is not the customer’s only focus when buying a product. A frequent error new entrepreneurs make is that they prioritize aesthetics over functionality.

You don’t have to keep the packaging plain or boring. Still, don’t prioritize beauty over other important factors, such as usability or protecting your food products against damage.

You can look for ways to effectively combine visual impact and ease of use to promote your product against competitors.

Mistake #3: Choosing the Wrong Material – A Costly Mistake

The golden rule is to choose the packaging material based on the product you are selling. Especially for food products such as bakery items, you need to choose materials that would keep the food fresh and in shape for hours, most likely materials that would prevent them from contaminating. Some of the options to use are plastic, cardboard boxes, etc.

Don’t forget to consider the storage process and shipment ways when designing the packaging; choose a design and material that would be feasible for both.

In addition to choosing the right packaging material and StarTrack shipping labels, businesses should also consider the environmental impact of their packaging choices. With the increasing focus on sustainability, many consumers prefer products that use eco-friendly packaging. Fortunately, there are numerous eco-friendly options available such as biodegradable plastics, paper-based materials, and compostable materials. Companies can work with experts in sustainable packagings, such as www.eliter-packaging.com, to find the best materials and designs for their products while also reducing their environmental footprint. By making conscious decisions about packaging materials, businesses can not only ensure the safety and freshness of their products but also contribute to a more sustainable f

Mistake #4: Creating Waste

To keep your business slightly environmentally friendly, try to minimize waste as much as possible when packing your products. You can do this by using versatile models, cutouts, and inserts for space optimization.

Mistake #5: Labeling – If Incomplete Packaging Design Does Not Work

Providing all information related to the product, such as ingredients, allergy warnings, and nutritional information, is important if the product is a bakery good. The packaging, whether that’s box packaging or bag, should also contain information about how to dispose of the packaging itself.

The Bottom Line

Apply the principles above and avoid these mistakes when choosing the design and content on your packaging. Perfecting your packaging would help you attract more potential customers and grow your bakery business!

Sophia Anderson

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