How to Stay Healthy in the Office

How to stay healthy in the office


Let’s be clear—there is no willpower like lunchtime in the office willpower. While you’re noshing on a roasted kale salad, the scent of a gooey cheese pizza or fried fish tacos are assaulting your olfactory senses. Trust us, we feel your pain.

We work in an office where catered and group lunches are a regular occurrence; there’s always a birthday celebration, an office visit from an out-of-town employee and an ex-boyfriend to cry over (our current record is two separate break-ups during a 24-hour period). Nothing heals the heart or says “Go Team!” like a group meal. After all, food is better than trust falls.

But if you’re trying to eat healthy, office lunches are a daily challenge worthy of a Survivor episode. Read on for our tips.

1. Did you say quinoa party?

Work with your coworkers and office manager to provide healthier lunch options. If “Taco Tuesday” is a weekly occurrence, request grilled fish in addition to fried. Do end-of-the-month sales meetings end with an office pizza party? Order a salad. Is this the fun option? No. Is this the healthy option? Yes.

2. Mutual moderation.

Form a healthy alliance with a coworker and encourage each other to stay on target. If you make your monthly goal–treat yo’ self to a slice of pie, a piece of cake, or whatever satisfies your craving.

3. Don’t be that girl.

The office doesn’t need a constant reminder of your diet. Your eating habits are a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Got it? Good. Moving on.

4. Be a recluse.

If your willpower has taken a sick day, don’t join the lunch. If your office has an outdoor seating area, go get some sunshine. If you’re stuck in a high-rise, put on your headphones, surf the web, and enjoy a desk lunch.

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