The Best Jobs For New Grads to Work From Home

The best jobs for new grads to work from home

The best jobs for new grads to work from home

Debunking the myth that entry-level jobs can’t be flexible or that only experienced professionals can attain work flexibility, FlexJobs has identified a sample of ten remote entry-level jobs for new college graduates to consider.

Remote jobs offer the type of autonomy, freedom, and work-life balance. Deloitte’s global study of millennials found that millennials’ top priority having a good work-life balance, ahead of opportunities for career progression. Then flexible work came in third, ahead of professional development, the company’s reputation, and finding their work meaningful. According to a PwC survey, 38 percent of millennials imagined their work schedules as a mixture of traditional hours and flexibility, while nearly a third anticipated flexible hours as the norm. FlexJobs found that, when it comes to flexible work, millennials prefer full-time telecommuting (85 percent), with work-life balance (84 percent) the primary driver for millennials seeking flexible work.

“While some still believe working remotely is a perk that only comes after years spent in the office, there are a huge variety of jobs that hire people to work from home from the get-go,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “So as the new graduating class enters a competitive job market, one way recent graduates can access a greater number of job openings is to take advantage of the telecommuting job market. As both statistical and anecdotal data confirms, millennials have different expectations of their workplace — remote work, which also benefits employers’ bottom lines, is one way to meet those demands.”

The following ten remote jobs span across different industries and are appropriate for new college graduates seeking entry-level positions. Each of these jobs requires a college degree and minimal amount of experience, which can include internships, part-time experience, or a bit of full-time experience, depending on the role. NACE also found that, when hiring early-career employees, companies are recruiting graduates with bachelor’s degrees related to business, engineering, computers, and communications. Many of the jobs in this list of entry-level remote jobs fall into those career categories.

Best jobs for college graduates

Graphic Artist

The graphic artist will support the company through developing marketing content, videos, and other creative materials designed to enhance the company’s brand. The graphic artist will also assist in developing a marketing strategy, and provide product and market knowledge.

Associate Training Instructor

This position provides post-sales support to customers for recently installed systems. Other duties include working with senior members to create educational resources. A bachelor’s in chemistry, bioscience, or a related area is needed.

Medical Field Case Manager 

Open to candidates with an RN license and one to three years of experience, the case manager is responsible for working with companies and their employees to evaluate medical and vocational needs for injured employees. The case manager works with the employee, their family, the employer, insurance companies, and healthcare personnel to develop and execute a treatment plan that returns injured workers to regular duty.

Community and Customer Service Specialist 

A gaming company seeks a community and customer service specialist to interact with players on social media, answer customer queries, and build a strong customer community. The role requires someone who is “fun, passionate, demanding, and a little sassy,” and it’s looking for someone who is an avid mobile gamer.

Virtual Elementary School Teacher 

Virtual teaching positions are open to first-time teachers who have at least six months’ student teaching experience, and who are appropriately certified in the state hiring. Teaching is done in a virtual environment, and each teacher is responsible for building a virtual environment conducive to learning, with creativity and excitement.

Clinical Research Associate 

This entry-level role is available for people with a bachelor’s degree in an allied health profession, and six months’ on-site monitoring experience. The associate will monitor 1-2 trials at a time, and the position requires travel 65-80 percent of the time. The role is available nationwide, in all therapeutic areas, and open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.

Web Designer 

This position is responsible for the design, layout, and coding of webpages to promote books being published. Working in both existing sites and designing new ones, this designer will work primarily in WordPress, and needs HTML and CSS coding skills. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud is also an important skill for this role.

Risk Engineering Trainee

Designed for recent graduates interested in risk management and safety and health, the trainee will work with business partners to provide risk consultations, provide support for health and safety regulation compliance, reduce losses, and minimise risks to their businesses.

Web Content Writer

Well-suited for those who majored in journalism, marketing, or advertising major, this entry-level position develops content for blogs, ads, and website copy. The writer will produce copy for SEO and AdWords programs, and will need to research the latest trends in digital marketing. This role also provides assistance with social media content development.

User Experience Analyst

As a member of the user experience team, the analyst performs usability analyses and leads a wide range of user experience activities to help products useful, purposeful, and enjoyable for end users. In addition, the role will oversee, plan, and conduct various types of user research and design validation activities and engages heavily with designers, developers, and product teams.

As the work flexibility movement has expanded, more industries are offering flexible work options. Some of the most popular remote industries include healthcare & medical, computer & IT, marketing, and administration. FlexJobs lists entry-level flexible jobs in over 50 career categories.

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