9 Surprising Places For Your Home Office

9 surprising places for your home office

surprising places for your home office

Working from your house is a dream job for many: Working in your pajamas, sipping your coffee, listening to the birds sing. More and more companies are opting to hire individuals who work remotely. But once you land a gig like this, where do you put your office? Here are nifty nine suggestions for home offices that may surprise you.

1. Inside your attic. 

Antiques and old photos are not the only things you can put in an attic. How about a redesigned home office? Attics often provide just enough space for a home office and are secluded enough to provide you the peace you may need to foster creativity.

home office inside your attic

2. Keep it in the closet. 

You’ve hear of the tiny movement, right? Small is the new big, so go really small by putting your home office in a closet. Most homes have many closets, so you will have lots of options to choose from. Also, you can stack your chair and your work away when you are done for the day.

3. In your kitchen nook. 

Nowadays kitchens aren’t just for eating. They are places for gathering, watching TV, finishing homework, and, yes, a place for an airy, convenient home office that is close to the action. Using these spaces provides a great way to blend work and home.

4. In your dining room. 

Need something a little bigger than a nook, but don’t have the space for an entire room? How about a place in your dining room? Dining rooms often go unused, and the extra space seems to be wasted. The dining room table can double as a conference or work table.

home office in your dining room

5. In the bedroom.

The bedroom is a place for sleep and relaxation, but the need for a home office can supersede some of these quiet activities. Not to worry, though. Because focus is needed for work, these activities might be a welcome partner with a cozy home office.

6. Under your stairs. 

Cobwebs beware, a new tenant is moving in. Under the stairs is a great place for a home office and a really effective way to use limited space. You have just enough room for a desk, a board, some built-in letter nooks and, presto, an office! And your office may just spruce this space up, making it quite attractive for any visiting guests.

7. In the living room. 

What is a living room? A place for living that sits in the middle of the house. Well, working is living these days, and the living room represents prime real estate that can function as a home office. And sometimes this room gives you quite an open view.

8. In the garage. 

Most people park their cars in the driveway. So why not use the garage you have as an office? With a little elbow grease, this area can double as a home office. There is often a huge amount of room, and the space is quite functional. What a wonderful place for an office, and guess what? After a long day you can go back home. More on garage transitions here.

home office in the garage

9. In Your Backyard Shed

Move the lawn mower, because many home offices are now relocating to a shed. And why not? There is oodles of space in a private setting that gives you a home-away-from-home feel. There are a variety of options for this approach, and most of them require little investment, although one like this might require a green thumb.

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