How To Make Your Personal Space Reflect Your Personal Style

How to make your personal space reflect your personal style

We’re all given the same blank canvas when starting a new job: a chair, a desk, and a few basic office supplies. Whether you keep your space as minimal as possible or start bedazzling every object in close proximity is entirely up to you. Most people organize their space in a way that reflects their identities, whether purposefully or subconsciously. Regardless of what you choose to do with your office space, your workspace makes a statement about your personality type, but are you sure it’s the statement you want to make?

The Planner

This worker bee is surrounded by calendars, in one form or another. There’s a large calendar on the planner’s desk, a 2015 planner, and an online Outlook calendar. Additionally, there’s an assortment of to-do lists, ranging from work lists to life lists. You can recognize this individual by looking for someone surrounded by variations of grids or collections of tiny boxes. This worker is extremely organized, but beware of cutting them in line at the cafeteria, they never forget.

The Hoarder

Sky-high stacks of paper, drawers overflowing with items that should have been thrown out years ago, half-filled coffee mugs, and assignments from 2 years ago, you know a hoarder when you see one. Thanks to a cubicle filled to the brink with random items, this person is your friend if you’re trying to survive an apocalypse. Known for sending emails that more closely resemble novels, you wouldn’t necessarily use the word “organized” to describe this employee. A messy and cluttered desk suggests that the employee doesn’t exactly have everything under control. On the contrary, you can consider this person the MacGyver of your office. Need a tissue? A highlighter? A Screwdriver? This person has it all, and not necessarily in a good way.

The Computer Nerd

This first adapter has every piece of technology ever created. There are at least 3 devices on their desk, not counting the monitor used as an extended desktop. This techie will go to great lengths to automate even the simplest tasks. Need to add up cells A and B in your Excel spreadsheet? There is a formula for that. Their biggest strength is a sense of innovation and desire to find better ways to perform existing tasks. The downside is that you may need to say their name at least 3 times to compete with a computer screen and get their attention. Oh, and they may complain about the lack of Wi-Fi in the hallway.

The Minimalist

The minimalist limits their desk décor to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, pen, and maybe a glass of water. Their desk is so empty, you sometimes wonder if this person still works for the company. This worker keeps things simple and to the point with one-line emails and black coffee, no fancy milk necessary. The minimalist completes work on time and is there when you need him or her; just don’t expect this employee to go above and beyond the standard job description.

The Decorator

With perfectly coordinated stationary and beautiful photos hanging next to their West Elm lamp, the decorator’s office space may resemble a Kate Spade ad. This person is easy to recognize. Most likely, you’ll see pens that match straws, a rotation of mouse pads that perfectly go with the day’s handbag, and a cell phone that matches a desk phone that matches a note pad that matches a smaller note pad. This worker needs to be surrounded by order and gets easily frazzled at the first sign of chaos. On the plus side, they’re extremely helpful if you’re planning on redecorating your home anytime soon.

Photo courtesy of: Vadim Sherbakov / Unsplash

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