The Daily Dose You Need Before Your First Date

The daily dose you need before your first date


Dress or skinny jeans? Heels or flats? Red lipstick or natural lipgloss? First dates can be nerve wrecking and we can take a long time to prepare, and that’s an understatement!

However, it’s not only our look that can boost our confidence. We have teamed up with Potion London to give you the 101 on what supplements you should eat before a date to look and feel fabulous! 


We take our health and well-being seriously here at YCB, once you hit your mid-twenties you definitely begin to realise that you can’t be quite as carefree as you were in your late-teens and early twenties. You begin to drift towards health food shops more often than Zara and your five a day becomes increasingly important with that metabolism that seems to have given up the ghost. But seriously, we used to be able to eat 3 donuts, a takeaway pizza and feel fine. These days? Not so much.

You are what you eat, and it’s as simple as that! Which is why we were super excited to find out all about Potion London and their fabulous range of supplements that aid everything from bones, to our immune systems and even bloating.


After noticing a gap in the market, ex-marketing professional Alexa Mullana left the corporate world to train as a yoga instructor and educate herself more on one of her passions, nutrition. Alexa developed Potion alongside top nutritionists after realising her own diet alone wasn’t supplying optimum nutrition and wanted to create a one-stop brand with nutritionally balanced products. The outcome of this was Potion!


The beauty specific products in the range target hair, skin and nails to provide them with a boost of vital vitamins and minerals. The general health and fitness supplements have their own targeted formulas which includes a probiotic to support gut health, a super greens formula for nutrients, a strong bones formula to support healthy bones and muscles, and a hyaluronic acid complex which maintains healthy joints. There really is a Potion for every health requirement!



Let’s face it, who doesn’t want advert-worthy glossy hair? It doesn’t start at the shampoo you use, it starts at what you put into your system. Having a sufficient vitamin and mineral intake is vital if you want that perfect mane, as well as strong healthy nails. Potion’s Beauty Formula supplies you with all the vitals in just one small tablet making it easy and convenient for girls on the go.

The daily dose you need before your first date

If you suffer with tummy troubles, the Probiotic Potion supplement is perfect for lining the stomach and encouraging a healthy gut. If you’re planning on going out for a few too many cocktails then the probiotic is great for this too offering a lining and protection for your stomach. Combined with the Eat Your Greens supplement, you’ll have a less bloated, flatter belly in no time. Hello LBD!


Potion is currently available to buy here or exclusively from 


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