Your New Favourite Fragrance for Spring: Calvin Klein CK2

Your new favourite fragrance for spring: Calvin Klein CK2

Some fragrances are strictly for winter. After this, they should be locked up and never thought of again (until next winter, that is!), still loved, but no longer relevant. For seasonal picks, the team at YCB are true believers in the power of pure poison by Dior for a delightful winter filled with scents of orange blossom, white flowers, hypnotic undertones of musk. And for summer? Hypnose by Lancome or the light and sensual Ange ou Demon will have you dreaming of snorkelling, island hopping, and wine-filled evenings by the beach.

But now, spring is here, and its arrival is just another opportunity to reward the good people of London with scents so delicious that even the most austere of commuters would want to chase you down the tube screaming ‘I just have to know! Who are you wearing?’ (shake your head but it happens!).

Spring is just great, and the only thing that can match it is an equally great perfume to keep you company on those daisy-filled strolls and warmly-lit afternoons, or as you sit, book in hand, at your favourite park bench (à la Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. Of course). Spring is all about shedding igloo coats and pepping up the streets with pastels and peep toes, and you want your new perfume to echo this sentiment.

But which one should you choose? Which perfume could possibly accompany you in your re-enactment of Notting Hill to a degree of perfection akin to that of a young, stuttering Hugh Grant? Right now, my go-to perfume for spring would have to be CK2, by Calvin Klein, shoppable at

must have fragrance for spring Calvin Klein CK2

We always knew that Calvin Klein were sexy beyond measure, but to top that off (as if you could top that!), they’ve released a perfume that smells div-ine. I have experimented with a great deal of perfumes (some occasions have left me smelling like a cheap bottle of soap, whereas others have fooled friends and family into thinking I had some kind of natural ‘allure’), and I think that this one is truly sublime.

spring fragrances Calvin Klein CK2

A day with CK2 is like spending the day with your best friend; light, fun-filled, and characterised by the glow of subtle, deep-rooted satisfaction. It is musky and deep enough to echo the feline powerhouse that you are, yet airy and light enough to remind you that wherever you go, flowers are budding and strangers beaming. Calvin Klein has managed to create the scent of the season, and for a lasting, airy aroma that will fill you with a sense of oneness (yes, oneness!) CK2 really is worth a whiff.

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