‘Top Model’ Winner CariDee English Has Some Top Beauty Tricks For Dry Skin

‘Top Model’ winner CariDee English has some top beauty tricks for dry skin

CariDee English on fighting dry skin

We’re not ashamed to admit that America’s Next Top Model is our guilty pleasure, the kind of TV show we schedule our social life around, so it’s always good to know that our unwavering support has led to great things for some of its alumni! CariDee English became a star when she won season 7 of the hit show. Along with the coveted title she also won a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a modeling contract with Elite, and a cover for Seventeen magazine.

After the huge success of her modeling career, CariDee went on to put her fame to incredible use by becoming a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation, spreading awareness about psoriasis and encouraging others to seek treatment. With all her modeling experience, and having psoriasis herself, it’s no surprise she’s become quite the beauty expert. We were lucky enough to sit down with CariDee and steal some of her best skincare tips.

CariDee English Modeling with Psoriasis

The constant switching between cold weather and central heating overkill can wreak havoc on our skin. Interestingly, CariDee tells us the first thing we need to be doing is to always wear sunscreen or SPF no matter what the temperature is outside.

‘Always wear sunscreen or SPF, no matter what the temperature is outside. Just because it’s cold or overcast, doesn’t mean your skin can’t be damaged from the sun. And hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make sure you wear a daily moisturiser.’ CariDee told us.

Here at YCB we will always recommend the Daily Defence Moisturiser from BeautyLab or for extreme dry skin, try Pure Potions Skin Salvation (available from Holland & Barratt). Pure Potions Skin Salvation is a successful brand recommended by GP’s as it forms a semi-occlusive barrier to protect skin from external irritants.

Secondly, drink water – what you put in your body will show on the outside. ‘I try to drink at least seven glasses of water a day! Hydrating your body will keep your skin from drying out and even help prevent chapped lips. If my skin is looking drier than normal, even with my water intake, I’ll use baby oil on the dry patches. It’s cheaper and more natural than lotion.’

We’re all busy women like CariDee, so how can we keep our beauty routine up even when we’re on the go? ‘I absolutely love tan towels; they’re great for busy girls because if you use them at night you’ll wake up with an even, natural glow the next morning’. With so many places to dash off to at any given moment, carrying a heavy bag around is not an option, so the model suggests just keeping a hair brush, a lipstick and multi vitamins to hand! ‘Less is more; beautiful is simple and effortless’.

Once we’re back home though we have a little more time to invest in making sure our skin stays clear long term, but according to CariDee we don’t necessarily have to be indulging in particularly fancy products: ‘I start by taking my make up off with remover from the drugstore, and I still use a teenage face wash!’ If we do want to splurge a little, she reckons it’s worth it for Christian Dior, because ‘it’s not a cheap product by any means…but the airbrush foundation from the Dior make up line is amazing’.

For youthful skin, we recommend the multitask hero, 100 % Australian Jojoba. The Jojoba is a wonder ingredient, suitable to apply on all skin types after a long and busy day. It’s gentle enough for your face, lips, hands, body and hair. Available here from www.oneway2naturalhealth.com.

We can’t wait to see what CariDee English brings to the runway this year, but to stay up to date with all of CariDee’s beauty advice and insights in the meantime, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @CariDeeEnglish.

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