Stay Young With Elite Serum

Stay Young With Elite Serum!

Elite Serum - Josefin G

Now that summer is finally here and the days are getting longer, the work and party agendas of us career-ladies, social-butterflies and coffee-addicts alike; is getting ever more hectic!  And whilst we can reach of another cup of coffee for an instant buzz, the same can’t be said for our poor eyes! After a long winter, it’s most certainly time to embrace the long summer days, and make sure that we look as perky as we feel! With Elite Serum, an incredible anti-allergenic treatment for the sensitive skin around the eyes, we can now give our eyes the long overdue TLC that they well and truly deserve!

Elite Serum is the flagship product of SkinPro, a science-inspired cosmeticeutical company. It is an anti-ageing cosmetic treatment, scientifically designed to target and combat fine-lines, eye-puffiness, dark circles and tired eyes. For us ladies who have tried a cocktail of ‘craze’ beauty-treatments, we assure you, this one is guaranteed to put that instant va-va-voom back into your look! A revolutionary product, Elite Serum has seen astounding levels of popularity in the US amongst both women and men, due to the simple fact that it works tremendously well; consumers of the product have reported astonishing results. The complex science involved in the formulation of Elite Serum is what makes this treatment not only so effective, but also so beneficial to the skin.

This liquid magic stimulates DNA rejuvenation whilst rapidly bringing oxygen and nutrients to the eye area, restoring the healthy look of the skin.  For those wishing to avoid the fuss and the potential risks of invasive treatments such as Botox, Elite Serum is that perfect, powerful alternative.  It contains the wonder-peptide SNAP-8, which research studies have shown to be a milder and safer alternative to Botox, targeting the same wrinkle formation mechanism. Five other amazing peptides work specifically on wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, whilst Red and Green Seaweed extracts work as a therapeutic facial cleanser, and Hylauronic Acid precipitates rapid skin rejuvenation.

Although the science of Elite Serum is complex, the product itself is incredibly easy to use, so now that it has been officially launched in the UK, there’s no use for all of us not to look our best!  The serum is dispensed with a unique, air-tight syringe, with no risk of contamination, and which also gives out a measured amount for application. The serum is absorbed by the skin in seconds, leaving no residue and makeup can be used on top of it – looking great has never been easier!

Elite Serum is truly a universal product, and it can be used by anyone, from any age. Its universality has certainly been proven by the fact that this year, it became the number 1 best-selling eye-treatment available through, ahead of products from leading international brands.   What’s more, this year it also became the top ranked product in Amazons eye category, measured on customer-reviews alone.

Believe the hype – Elite Serum has caused a lot of excitement in the cosmetic world, and in the Your Coffee Break office – we can’t wait to get our hands on this wonder product!

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