Santa Fe – The US Destination You Want to Tick Off Your Bucket List

The road to Santa Fe

Have you ever wondered which American city is the cultural and artistic capital of the United States? Yes, you guessed it, the legendary Santa Fe.

Artists from all over the world gather here to embark upon an unforgettable and inspiring journey. Because apart from astonishing surroundings and the art display, you can learn from life-long masters and experienced gurus, who have dedicated their lives to crafting their mastery.

Why you should put Santa Fe on your bucket list

For many years the city has been known by the name – the “City Different.” The fascinating story behind this curious decision is rooted in the early 20th century, when the citizens of Santa Fe decided to rediscover the old, traditional ways of their homeland. This included taking significant steps further away from the industrial pollution, taking over the world, and that was a beginning to give an undesirable shape of the city. The mayor at that time took a decision to help preserve the oldest Santa Fe buildings. Not surprisingly, the whole town supported this initiative.

Santa Fe cathedral

Making sure to preserve the cultural heritage and present the city in its shine and beauty, full of art and inspiration, Santa Fe started changing to become the third biggest art market in the United States (the first two places are taken by New York and Los Angeles). Crafting of jewels, art paintings, music and sculpture creation are all part of the ubiquitous Santa Fe art spirit and nature, something we love over here at YCB.

Santa Fe Market

One of the most inspiring places to visit when in the city is the International Folk Art Museum. This museum is nothing like you would imagine. Apart from being great fun for kids, this is an educational place that has a lot to offer to those of you curious to learn more about the International Folk Art of the City Different. There are some great interactive displays such as the Spanish Dance – make sure to ask for it on your way it! You won’t be disappointed.

A quick mention to those of you who are reading this post here in the UK and wishing there was a simple and easy way to get a green light at any US point of entry. Good news, there is, and it’s called ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization). Apply easily online for ESTA for USA. You will be able to remain up to 3 months in the country, with an overall ESTA validity period of 2 years. Well, 3 months is just the exact time you will need to truly get to know the spirit of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Nambe Falls

Do make sure to have enough time to visit all the exhibition rooms, especially some permanent displays such as the so-called “villages” arrangement. This particular display represents the different local cultures over a long period. This timespan is what requires a detailed presentation of each culture to the tiniest peculiarities.

Have you ever visited Santa Fe and if so, what are your impressions of the city? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you.

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