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Going to school in New York, it was common for me to run into young women and men my age who were looking to get into fashion. However, when I asked what drew them to the field, many of them couldn’t give a specific answer.  They wanted to be in a fast-paced, exciting environment.  They wanted to be “in the know.” They wanted to have their finger on the pulse of the city.

It’s not uncommon for those who started in the fashion or beauty industry to come over to the PR industry.  They both have a familiar feel, and sometimes public relations is thought to be the “9 – 5 version” of the fashion or entertainment industry. While both definitely have their differences (I could go on and on about that), here are some similarities in the pace and atmosphere of the PR and fashion industries:

It is your job to know “who is who:” If celebrity life excites you, or you love to network with peers, fashion and PR are great places to start your career.  Whether it’s finding a spokesperson for your brand or working with several up-and-coming designers to put on a runway show, it is your job to meet and greet everyone and have an idea of which personalities you would like to work with.

Excitement is around every corner: Every day in the fashion and PR industries is different. You meet new people, you come across completely unique projects.  You can be completely confident and calm one day and a nervous wreck the next.  It is definitely a rollercoaster ride, but if you’re ready for it, you’ll thrive in it.

There is an opportunity to become your own boss: Public relations and fashion are similar in that they definitely rely on a team to execute, but there is also great opportunity to create your own career path and define your future.


By: Meg – nycprgirls


Exploring the world of public relations, fashion & entertainment in the city they call home, two 20-something PR girls document their experiences while connecting with girls alike.

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