Upgrade Your Look with These 5 Trendy Designer iPhone Cases

Upgrade your look with these 5 trendy designer iPhone cases

Pretty iPhone 6 cases

Smartphones have become an extension of our selves, defining our lifestyle and personality at first glance. We practically use our mobile devices everywhere, with Popwuping reporting 33% of Americans use their gadgets on dinner dates. As a fashionable chick, leaving your handset bear without any accessories may give out a different impression of yourself to others. for consumers in the United Kingdom although your iPhone 6 may come with the premium and shiny colours, adding a sturdy and trendy smartphone case brings out your real personality – a strong, independent, stylish gal. Even if you decide to own the rose gold edition iPhone 6s, which O2 said was one of the most eagerly anticipated smartphones to date, you will still need a trendy case for it. Thankfully, Apple didn’t change the size of the new handset, so the iPhone 6 cases you once owned could still be used on the iPhone 6s.

What are the top trendy iPhone 6 cases you can try on your smartphone? Read our top list of trendy smartphone cases…

1. Zero Gravity Stoned 

Zero Gravity Stoned iPhone case

At first glance, this marble case isn’t exactly the type of casing a woman would want on their iPhone. But, it’s classy stone marble material gives out a sleek and professional look that says “Look at me. I’m clean. I’m strong. I’m fierce.” Built by Los Angeles-based tech brand, Zero Gravity it fuses the modern and vintage elements in this case that accentuates fashion, art, and pop culture. The eye-catching accessory is available in white and black colors.

Cost: $24.00

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2. Moschino Barbie Mirror


Not your ordinary smartphone case, this Moschino Barbie Mirror rubber case comes with a reverse oval mirror with handle and engraved logo-detailed branding. It is part of Jeremy Scott’s Barbie-inspired SS15 collection. Modeled after a vanity hand mirror, Moschino recreates a playful treatment that suits even the big girls.

Cost: $77.40

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3. Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 6 case

Do you want to showcase the original premium colour of your iPhone 6? The mirrored Marc by Marc Jacobs is a classic example that real beauty only requires minimal enhancement. This metallic scrambled logo iPhone 6 case comes with bold prints, form-fitting construction, and easy access to buttons. It comes in black and white colour selections.

Cost: $38.00

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4. Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade iPhone 6 case

Inspired by colourful living surrounded by high fashion accessories, Kate Spade released a Between You & Me Clear case for the iPhone. The metallic stripes accent is in rose gold colour that looks great on your slim handset. Kate Spade is popular for its playful approach to design and this smartphone case is a good example of how this particular designer thinks.

Cost: $40.00

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5. Zero Gravity Strut

Zero Gravity Strut iPhone 6 case

Another great iPhone 6 case from Zero Gravity, the Strut case comes with transparent sides and full back design. The rear comes in three colours: black, gold, and grey. It comes with mirrored chevron divides in gold colour with a pearl-design section in grey at the top portion and black on at the bottom. The case celebrates originality, fun, and the beauty of everyday life.

Cost: $32.00

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We are certain that there are other iPhone 6 cases out there that define elegance and class, and we expect more with the arrival of the new iPhone 6s.

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